Meeting Expectations :)

As'salammualaikum & Greetings Dear Ones :) 

I hope you're all well today dear ones~ Alhamdulillah, the awaited Safiyya TV Segment that I was in together with the famous & adorable blogger Yuyu Zulaikha was aired last Sunday TV9 at 9pm :) For those sweetie pies whom did not get the opportunity to watch that segment last Sunday, fret not because there shall be a repeat segment this coming Sunday, 1st of July 2012 at 6pm, non other at TV 9 ;)

It was truly an honor  dear loves, to be given the opportunity to be in the segment talking about my own personal  experiences about being a petite lady and to be able to be on the same programme with the famous Yuyu Zulaikha. No matter what others' expectations might have been, I personally believe that the both of us have tried our best in delivering what we wanted and needed to say in order for people to understand better us petite ladies *Insha'ALLAH*

Magnificent.Sometimes we let our happiness to be too dependent on other people. Isn’t enough, to know that you are fine on your own? Do we need others, to make us feel complete? To complete us? To feel that “happiness”? Do we need others to make us feel magnificent? To make us matter? 
And at once I knew I was not magnificent. Strayed above the highway aisle, jagged vacant, thick without us; I could see for miles. - Holocene, Bon Iver. 
I know that, to love and to be loved is the best thing in the word, but I realized that, love starts from within, from our own soul. To be happy is the goal, and once we start to love ourselves the most, maybe we can achieve that state of happiness. A realization, that I need to love myself first. And hopefully, like the rhythmic wave of the ocean, without fail, good things will come ;)

When talking about expectation dear ones, it is something that no one can actually run away from. Living in this era *especially* makes the expectations from many parties to be much higher than those back then. Expectations from parents, our spouse, family members, friends, teachers, lecturers, bosses and not to forget our very own expectation towards ourselves :) Each one of them might have many different types of expectations on us and not to forget the degree or depth of what is expected from us differs as well.

When having to deal with many different types and degrees of expectations, we can't escape from disappointing *maybe not always* some of people's and at times we end up disappointing ourselves as well. Disappointment takes place when these many2 expectations are not able to be met or delivered. No one, dear ones would be able to escape from this matter.. Why? because at times it's really2 difficult to actually guess or assume, and what more to clearly estimate what are others expects from us.

Always place lower expectations towards others in order to avoid ourselves from getting hurt or disappointed but always try to live *if not more at least* within the expectation of the people whom we care & mean a lot to us :)

Dear Sweethearts, always remember that when we are not able to achieve/meet those expectations it does not necessarily mean that we have failed, it just shows how human we are and from there we are given room to improvise :) *Alhamdulillah*

Subsequently, when we are unable to achieve or meet those expectations, always be prepared to receive comments, remarks, feedbacks and sometimes criticism. Nonetheless as how I have written before, never take those feedbacks nor criticisms to our heart for they will pull us down. Instead, make them as a point for us to improvise ourselves to become someone better; a stronger & wiser person. Even though it is much easier said than done dear loves, as those criticisms *especially* will in a way make us feel demotivated, nevertheless always try to take them as a challenge to prove them wrong :) *Insha'ALLAH*

Always bare in mind sweeties to never ever find fault in others when those expectations are not able to be met for it would not bring us any good but damage the situation further. Instead, try to focus on what went wrong and can be done to improve or fix that matter :)

Focusing or pin pointing on other's weaknesses won't bring us no where dear sweethearts~ :) Because at the end of the day, what's important is our own personal goals. Would meeting those expectations from others help us in achieving our personal goals in life? :)

Now that's a Question that I'd like to leave you sweethearts to ponder upon :)

Good LuCk & All the best for everything that you do in life dear ones~ Never fear to try & explore  our dreams..For Wonderful things in life is always a result of unexpected act of surprises ;) Insha'ALLAH~ 

Till we meet again~ As'salammualaikum *XOXO* hehe.. ;)) 

pssstt: 9 days left to go~ ;) 


Anonymous said...

salam.. aimie nak tanya sket mana u beli kebaya tu? btw u look so adorable.. :D

adibah kamal said...

hai.such a cool writing because ur words so warm.btw,ive being watching you guys on saffiya.and,im so suprises bcause you already engaged with your crush.i thought u were teens.hee.