❤ ALLAH Knows Best :) ❤

If you find your parents opposing you, remember 
Ibrahim(AS) whose father led him to the fire,

If you are stuck with a problem where there's no way out, 

remember Yunus(AS) stuck in the belly of a whale,

If you are ill& your body cries with pain, 

remember Ayob(AS) who was more ill than you..

When someone slanders you, remember Aisha(RA) 

who was slandered throughout the city..

When you are lonely, recall Aadam
(AS) who was created alone..

When you can't see any logic around you, think Nuh(AS) 

who built an ark without questioning..

If you are mocked by your own relatives then 
think of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

Allah(SWT) put these Prophets to trial so that later 
generations may learn a lesson of patience& perseverance..

May Allah SWT give us right perspective & understanding. 


Credits to my dear friend Haizan :)

Allah knows what is best for us so why should we complain

We always want sunshine but He knows there must be rain

We always want the laughter and the merriment of cheer

But our hearts will lose their tenderness if we never shed a tear.

Allah tests us often with suffering and with sorrow

He tests us not to punish us but to help us meet tomorrow

For growing trees are strengthened if they withstand the storm

And the sharp cut of the chisel give the marble grace and form.

Allah tests us often and for every pain

He gives us, provided we are patient, is followed by rich gain

So whenever we're down and whenever we feel that everything is going wrong

It is just Allah's way to make our spirit strong…

Credits to my loving Ustazah Yazilmiwati Bt Yaacob


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