~ Criticizing ~

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)

Have you ever come across a situation where you've been criticized until it hurts so deeply, you just don't know how to react..? As human beings, I am sure we can't escape from such situation as we all know that it is impossible for us all to satisfy everyone in our life~ :) 

Qyla, Me, Shiera, Aainaa & Farah :) They're all such a sweetheart to me~ love you gals soo much~ 
We should not be mad dear ones when people criticize us~ Yes, of course we will in some way feel disappointed & hurt but, we should be thankful that there are these people whom would help remind us that we are after all imperfect human beings & through these criticizes, INsyaALLAH we shall be able to grow & improve ourselves to become a better person :)

Thank You kak Hani for ALL the wonderful opportunities that kak hani have given to aimie & thank you to Meera for the beautiful friendship that meera sudi share with kak aimie~ Love u both soo dearly~ <3
Life is not so much about what happens to us but rather how we choose to react upon what Allah swt has decided to give to us all dear ones :)

Before we starts to criticize others, we need to keep in mind that we're not perfect either dear ones. At times, we might not actually realize that we are what we're criticizing others of. Hence, it is best if we can just reflect ourselves first before we start criticizing others of some matters~ Always remember that criticizing can sometimes be good 'if' the method that we use to criticize others is in a good manner & especially not made through a cynical mean~  I am grateful that my dearest Sara Mustafa recently reminded us all of such matter~ :) ALHAMDULILLAH~

Thank you again to my dearest  Sara Mustafa 
for sharing this video with us all~ :) 

Moreover, Sometimes it's easier for people to say things especially when they're not going through it or have gone through it a long time ago because experience that 1goes through differs from one another~ In my opinion we should always try to judge our actions first before we acuse others of lying & etc~ Always remember that when we accuse others of a matter, 1 finger might be pointing to them but however the rest of our fingers are actually pointing to ourselves~ :) hence, beware of what we are accusing others of~ :)

Personally, I have always believed that Mother's Advices are ALWAYS the best~ Alhamdulillah~ Mama would always remind me to not express or state my problems or dissatisfactions inside fb or  through any other social networks because we shall never know whom might be reading what we have written. If I were To be honest myself, I have actually done such mistake so often before & due to that, I have actually lost some of my friends' respect towards me. What is even worst is that there are even some of my dearest friends would actually mistakenly thought that my status was referring to them when the fact is it has nothing to do with them nor anyone else inside my fb~

but Alhamdulillah I am grateful that after being adviced & reminded by my lovely mama so often, I try my best to avoid from taking such action these days~ :) To top it up, the possibility that misunderstandings might occur is always high especially because when we express through writing, our actual intonation is unclear to our dear readers~ :)

Hence, that is why we should always be careful with what we update on facebook, twitter & etc. Beside, we should always use these social networks as a means to motivate our dear ones in a way that it can help to change ourselves & the people whom we love in the positive direction~ :)

With my dear lady Nur Soffinas aka heliza helmi look alike~ ;)
Why fret upon those whom don't really care much about our feelings when there are SO MANY OTHERS WHO LOVE US SOO DEEPLY & SINCERELY WITH ALL THEIR HEART~ People such as our Families, Spouse & Close Friends~ :) Always remember that no matter what happens, at the end of the day ALLAH swt will *InsyaALLAH* show a person's true color~ Always try to stay humble because it can lead us into people's heart. Never should we place arrogant into ourselves for it shall tarnish our relationship with people & especially with ALLAH swt~~ :)

Here's something deep that was shared by my dear
sister Maryam Anisah :) 

the Loving & Cool Aainaa~ :) kak aimie saaayaannngg sgt2 aainaa~
Why spread negativity when being positive 
can help us build a happier life~ :) <3

Jgnlh saling mendengki, saling MENIPU, saling membenci, saling mbelakangi dan jgnlh sbhgn kamu mbeli brg yg tlh dibeli oleh org lain. Jdlah kamu hamba Allah yg bersaudara. Seorang Muslim adlh saudara bg Muslim yg lain. Dia tdk ptt MENZALIMI, MEMBOHONGI, dan MERENDAHKANNYA. 

Takwa itu di sini (Rasulullah menunjukkn dadanya tiga kali). Cukuplah ssorang itu dikatakn buruk jika sanggup menghina saudaany sesama Muslim:. Riwayat Ahmad no 7713 & Muslim no 2563. (credits to Nadiah Hillmee)


Cik Sehari said...

As Salam Aimie... Thank you so much...

Hani Mansor said...

Nice entry kak Aimi .
Love to blogwalk here

Come here Kak Aimie .
Read & comment . hehe

BeYLa! said...

Thanks for ur advicee kak Aimie~~

yeahh beyla ase pon beyla dh wt silap.kadang2 terlalu byk sgt mslh mesti nak cerita dkt fb, twitter~ ase mcm lebih terluah je.

tp tu laa kite taktau sape yg bace, dorg pon hlg respect kt kite kan bile klu kite nak ckp tu sbnaneyeh bkn tuju dkt dorg.huhu.

Oke after this, beyla hv to be extra careful~ thanks kak aimiee.