♥ Being the Petite Me :) ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones :)
"When life gives us a hundred reasons to cry,
 show life we have a thousand reasons to smile" ;)

You constantly irritate me like mad, make me go lose my mind and have made me cried. But each one of those tears was worth while because you are the reason for my laughter & bright shining smile.
I thought I would never find someone crazier or weirder than Me but Alhamdulillah, I found my perfect match ;) You were there to heal my heart when it was broken by those before you. Above all, You're my definition of happiness My dearest Dinie Rifdi :)


The clock's Ticking & Insha'ALLAH within another 2weeks time I shall no longer be Miss Aimie. Despite the excitement, there's this small part of me whom wishes that I can forever remain as my parents' lil baby girl *silly me* :) I suppose this is a feeling that all ladies would have to go through nearing their special BIG day. The day when they would realize that they are no longer owned by their parents but by a man known as her 'Husband' *sob2* I am slowly feeling the emotions rushing through me.. Well, it's honestly giving me goose bumps *brrr* and despite the uncertainties, there is this other part of me that's putting the assurance that everything's gonna be a.O.K so long as I put my faith in ALLAH swt *Insha'ALLAH* :)

There would definitely be a LOT of changes that I would have to learn to accept as my role & responsibilities as a wife would very much differ from what I have been going through as my parents' daughter *even though that role would never change of course* however, I would need to prepare my mindset before entering the next stage in life~ ;) For instant, I'd have to learn to seek permission from my husband instead of my parents *like I always do* before I go out to any places. The major changes that I would need to learn to adjust to is the fact that my husband will from then onwards become my leader or Imam and it would no longer be my papa *sad a bit* and The fact that "Syurga adalah dibawah tapak kaki suami" instead of "dibawah tapak kaki ibu" is something that I would really need to get use of.

Insha'ALLAH, everything's gonna be great right dear ones? :D

Any-who, today's topic that I would like to share with you sweeties is about my experience of being a petite lady. Maybe some of you are actually aware by now how petite I actually am, however there might be some who would probably be thinking at this moment ,"hey, I never knew that she's actually small sized." :) Petite is usually a term used for a woman who have a small trim figure :)  *yes, I'm not tall at all dear loves & very much small sized* ;) Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, this is the size that ALLAH swt has made (or better yet, created me in) thus I am utmost grateful to HIM with what HE has given to me :)

I can't deny dear loves that sometimes I do feel a lil bit demotivated when the people around me make such remarks about petite people because to be honest with you sweeties, I can ensure you one (1) thing for sure, we petite people are all very much aware of our heights just as how everyone else know (& realize) their sizes :) nevertheless, I suppose this is something that we ALL have to accept, we can't stop people from talking.

So, you must be wondering why am I suddenly writing about such topic? It's simple dear ones, I would like to share with all you sweeties out there some of my good & bad experiences being a petite. 

I might not be blessed with heights BUT I am truly blessed with High amount of wonderful loving people in my life & to me thats more than enough :)

As mentioned above, 1 of the bad experiences that I have actually encountered is when people actually come up to me saying things like,"hey you're so small, even my form 2 kid is much taller than you." That dear ones, is sometimes a bit frustrating as I feel a lil insulted because I feel as if they are actually insulting ALLAH's creation. Nevertheless, I would always try to calm myself by reminding myself that it's a.o.k for we petite people for we do have a lot of advantages as well~ Insha'ALLAH. 

On the positive side however, the perks of being a petite lady makes us look much younger than our true age. People often think that I am actually 19-21years old instead of actually a 26 years old lady *Alhamdulillah* There are times that people actually thought that I am a PMR student when I am not wearing any make ups on. 

I personally believe that we petite people can actually achieve all the same things that normal people have achieved. I still remember sweeties this 1 incident during form 5 at a 'Puteri Islam' Camping where the teacher had dared us to reach for the ceiling fan and at that time everyone thought that it would be impossible as the fan is so very high. The teacher promised us that whom ever can reach the fan ceiling, they would get 5 stars *stickers*. Without thinking further, I went to reach for the chairs, stack them up and climbed the chair to reach for the fan~ ;) Alhamdulillah, I managed to do the impossible thing that people thought that a petite person like me would not be able to do :)

I won't talk much further but.. you can actually listen to my stories about being a petite lady at the 'Safiyya' TV Programme (TV9) tomorrow (Sunday) 24th of June 2012 at 9pm. Insha'ALLAH my segment would be the 1 after the 1st comercial break~ ;)

Before I end this blog post, I just wanna remind each & everyone of you love ones that WE ARE ALL SPECIAL just as how ALLAH swt had created us all. Always remember that there is always a GOOD solid reason why ALLAH swt had created us as how we are~ :) *Alhamdulillah* Thus, never once regret or be sad for how we are instead grateful & *Insha'ALLAH* we'd gain a lot more subsequently after that~

♥  Take Care Sweethearts~ 
Till we meet again. 
Remember to smile & always say ALHAMDULILLAH~ :) 
As'salammualaikum ♥ *huGs & Kisses* 


hanniKASIM said...


Ada tgk Aimi kat Safiyya td..
aimi sangat cantik!

zatiey said...

Akak! kita dah tengok akak dalam safiyya...kita pon sama macam akak..kecik + comel..hahaha.. akak boleh bagi kte emel akak tak?nnti kita nk tnya sikit..

Anonymous said...

hai.kenal aimi kt safiyya..comel je..bpa tggi aimi, kita pn lbh kurang je kdg2 tak pndai nk berfesyen..hrp aimi dpt beri tnjuk ajar,huhu

tyrachan said...

salam..hye kak aimi!ade tak org penah kate muka akk cam sorg artis korea?hehe..muke akk mcm Hyomin kumpulan T-ara la..=)