I Finally Found Someone.. 7.7.12 ..

I finally found someone, who knocks me off my feet;
I finally found the one who makes me feel complete...
It started over coffee, we started out as friends;
It's funny how from simple things; the best things begin

Thank you to our dearest friend Hadi Ali for dedicating this
song to us both :) The perfect song that truly describes our
L.O.V.E Story ;) 

These photos were taken by our Official Photographers (OP) the super talented MOHD ONALD, the pretty lady FARAH AINAA & the awesome MOHAMMAD MOLKHAN thus, any intention to copy or take these pictures MUST seek permission from either US (RIFDI & AIMIE) or them the OP. Thank You :)

The Best thing about being married for me aside from having a 
companion is that I now have my very own personal Imam ♥ Alhamdulillah ♥

Thank YOU 'O Allah. No words can describe how grateful I am 
for this happiness that you have given to my soulmate & I :) 

But please give us also the patience to face any challenges that 
YOU would be testing us with :) ♥ Insha'Allah ♥ Ameen ♥ 


Aida Azryn said...

Selamat pengantin baru! Semoga hubungan korang berkekalan hingga ke syurga. AMin. :)

MuchuNadh said...

congrats sis, wish you happy ever after:)

apricot pie said...

kak aimie..!.tahniah ya..happy for u.semoga smuanya dprmudah dan diberkati..serta dmurahkan rezeki..:)..dh lama follow ur blog..n mgkuti blog ni..dri single,tunang,now kahwin..eheh..

Vespa To'chiq said...

Alhamdulillah.. congratulation to both of you.. especially to you Kak Aimie.. May Allah bless the both of you.. Amin.. =)

muncitzzz =) said...

Kak aimie...congrats yea...semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat...sweet sangat...=)

Fatinnadiah said...

tahniah kak...moga bahagia ke akhir hayat dan akhirat...alhamdulillah,kahwin dah akak.. :D

Umairah said...

May Allah bless your union.....

CikZaitul said...

everthing done !!