Simply Modest :)

~As'salammualaikum Dear Loves :)

*peekaboo* I see you ;)

hehe.. Yes dear ones.. I am sure many have been questioning regarding my sudden silence. It's not that I no longer wanna write sweethearts, I actually have have tons of matters to share with you sweeties :) However, I now understand better why many ladies who used to be really2 active / avid social users would suddenly become less involved with the internet world after marriage ;) I suppose when our priority has changed, so does our time management as we would tend to spend most of our time with things/matters that are more important for us *Insha'ALLAH* :)

I am really2 sorry sweethearts for suddenly disappearing from all of you~ buuuutt, from here I am able to know & see those whom truly sincerely care about me~ *Alhamdulillah* Besides, there's a saying that goes,"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." :) Trust me dear ones, I actually am missing so many of you right now but all that I can do is to include you in my du'a(s) *Insha'ALLAH* that's 1 of my only ways in curing this fond feeling of mine :)

As per usual, hehe.. I have got something interesting to share with all you pretty Muslimah(s) out there~ ;) Recently, 2 of our sisters (FIFI & AMALIA) had actually launched a new online-shop called SIMPLY MODEST :)

Their aim is to reach out to all you wonderful Ladies out there who are on a quest to become a better Muslimah(s). They believe in small changes that would at the end of the day create HUGE impacts & that is why they have created their own line of hijabs that would enable us to really cover our chest which ALHAMDULILLAH also does not forgo covering our back part as well as using a material that is not transparent or even see-through sweethearts~ almost close to perfect ain't it dear ones? ;) To top it up, their hijabs are all sold at a very VERY reasonable price because SIMPLY MODEST's hijabs are aimed for all level of Muslimah(s) regardless of those who are working and especially whom are still studying (students).. Alhamdulillah, personally this MAIRA's collection from SIMPLY MODEST to me is like a dream / wish hijab come true *MashaALLAH* :) Thank YOU O'ALLAH~ 

For Further details you may contact our dear sisters as below ;)

I shall not write much further but would leave you sweeties with these few other colors (which are my personal favorites) from the MAIRA's Collection made with love by SIMPLY MODEST :) 

To find out more about their collections, don't forget to :-

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Till We meet again *hopefully soon enough* hehe..

Toodles dear loves *huGs* 

Azhak Allah sinnaka
(May Allah keep you cheerful)

;) Missing each & everyone of you so dearly much~~

Please please please.. Do take very good care sweethearts~

Fi Amanillah~

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shalia said...

kak aimie, so pretty mashaAllah...