♥ FoY's: Hijab Tutorial III :) ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones :) 
Alhamdulillah, I finally had gotten the chance to complete the promised hijab tutorial. Some of you might not know *because I hardly update my blog these days. hehe. I'm really sorry sweeties* but I actually had decided to take out all my shawls from their hidden treasury spots to wear them back again after almost a year plus being with my bawal a.k.a square hijab~ hehe.. 

I was just 'tryin' out to wear back the shawl with a means that can cover better & suddenly without realizing I came up with this style & sort of liked it because it is simple and does not require a lot of time nor pins :P *I.Think* Bare in mind dear ones, that it's been more than a year now that I've not tried wearing the shawls so, yup..I'm not actually that good with it~ :P 

I know dear ones, that I had asked for all you sweethearts' opinions whether to have it in a 'voice-over' or 'subtitle' way of instructions but I am really really sorry that I had to stick with the 'subtitle' method for this tutorial as I really don't have that much time to spare. Again, I am really..truly sorry dear ones~ I still hope that you'd be able to enjoy and most importantly to understand this short hijab tutorial video of mine~ :)

And so, with this I present to you the 2minutes and 8seconds video tutorial. I hope you girls would enjoy it~ ;)
Ps, press HD for better quality :) 

Till we meet again Sweethearts~
Take Care~ ;)
♥ Toodles~ ♥


TwiggyLiyana said...

i actually think i can manage this one! :D hehehe...hello aimie dear, hope you're doing well :)

ainaakz said...

Salam kak Aimie
Its been a month kak Aimie tak update blog
I was thinking to msg you, tapi later on kitq batalkan je hasrat tu. Malu nanti tak ber'reply'..
Nway, how ru? How's your life? Akak sekarang buat apa??
I hope I can bump into you time kt Parade or Empire. HAHAHA~
But now kita jarangg sangat pergi sana, walaupun dekatt sebab busy tolong mak kemas rumah bagai. Kesian lak nak tinggal mak kat rumah buat kerja
Just take care & miss you. Wassalam