♥ dark side ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Sweethearts :)
The Chubby Cheeks which indirectly shows the Happy Me ;) Alhamdulillah..

Life has been really busy *as usual* :) Especially ever since My family, fiancee & I have started to distribute the wedding cards *fuuh* hehe. I've got to admite though dear loves that life is becoming much challenging nearing the BIG Day *so, it's true what they say* :) I've been challenged & tested by ALLAH swt in many-MANY ways such as through my Loyalty, patience, tolerance & So MuCH More But Alhamdulillah & Insha'ALLAH, things are still managable *wink2*

Anyhow, I recently have been thinking more and more about how my life would turn out to be later on after my marriage *I know dear ones, I am thinking way too much as it has yet to happen but it's really very much the typical me..hehe* and So, I was pondering whether or not I am actually equipt with what it takes to become a good wife *Isteri Solehah they say* and what if there are some parts of me *the bad ones* that my soon-to-be-husband won't be able to accept later on? I mean, everyone has this side of them which might be a lil bit different from others and at times it can be lil bit too weird as well. Because once we get married, we would defintiely learn more & more about the true color of our spouse right? :)

Thus the reason being why I chose the song below as the most suitable song for this entry :) My current feelings can somehow very much relate to the lyrics hehe.

If there's ONE thing that often gives me the assurance, it would be my parents. Of course, for everyone of us *at least most of us* our parents are always our role models. I always love to observe my parents since small and silently pray to ALLAH (Ar-Rahman) that 1 fine day I shall be able to have and be in the happy marriage just as how my parents are :) Alhamdulillah.. Subsequently, I often see how my mom is able to love my dad despite his imperfection *of course, no one is without any flaws* and this also implies to my dad for my mom. The fact that they are aware of ALL *& I Mean ALL* of each other's weaknesses & flaws *basically "dark side"* they still have learnt to love each other unconditionally which includes all the dark sides of one another :) Besides, if we go back to the basics rules we'd realize that no matter what happens it is us whom determines how our spouse would be like. Which means we must always ensure that we constantly improvise ourselves inorder to ensure that we'd get a good spouse :) ain't that right sweethearts? ;)

In life, Allah swt would purposely make us meet all the wrong people prior being with the right & perfect 1 for us :) All that is so that we'd know how to differentiate between the good/right ones with the bad/wrong ones :) Thus, it is all up to us to choose whom that we think that would be the perfect fit for us & always remember sweeties, in order to for us meet/be with the right 1, we'd need to let go of all the wrong ones first ;)

How would we know that they are our soulmate? To be honest with you sweethearts, uptill today I still do not have an answer for that, as I believe that we would never actually know until we have officially be in 'it' *the islamic way of course* ;) Only our heart, guts & instincts would be able to tell us. Put trust in them & Insha'Allah things will always turn out as how ALLAH the GREAT has planned ;)

The rule of love can be as simple as that sweeties, once we are able to open up our eyes & heart to see those signs that Allah swt is showing to us all. Yes love, Insha'ALLAH we will be able to slowly see those little hints sent by ALLAH as guidance to us all :) BUT, Most importantly never  EVER forget to put our faith in Allah and constantly seek for HIS Blessings. Only then Insha'Allah everything will turn out beautifully ;)

That is why my darlings no matter what happens, I am putting my full 189% trust in Allah the ALMIGHTY that HE had sent to my dearest soon-to-be-husband because HE knows that Insha'Allah within time, he shall be able to lead me (become my very own imam) & slowly turn those dark sides within me to a brighter one which in the end I hope to become a better Muslimah, 'seorg isteri misthali' & of course not to forget 'Anak yang solehah' :) INSHA'ALLAH.

One of the things that my dearest soon-to-be-husband would constantly remind me is that 'Positive thoughts is what builds positive minds & from it, it nurtures & grooms the heart to become beautiful. A beautiful heart will normally be filled with good & pure intentions. From there, all else does not matter because the heart would automatically outshine & make the person beautiful inside out. Insha'Allah'.

23 more days only my handsome munchkin ;)
Thus dinie rifdi, I'm so thankful that I found you ;)

*owh* here's a lil update *pictures* of what I have filled my busy-busy life with :P

everybody's got a dark side
do you love me?
can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect
but we're worth it
you know that we're worth it

will you love me?
even with my dark side?
like a diamond
from black dust
it's hard to know
what can become
If you give up
so don't give up on me
please remind me who i really am
don't run away
promise me you will stay

Till we meet again dear Loves, 

Make sure to take extra GooD Care of yourself but most importantly, always try to stay positive :)

*huGs & Kisses*

ps, I am really truly sorry dear ones but unfortunately I'd probably go missing *again* for another a week and a half as my ACCA exam would be this 19th of June 2012. Please help pray for my success as each & everyone of you kind prayers would mean the world to me :) 


anna farhana said...

you're prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

fana said...

u re gojes.u re pretty.same with ur husband 2be.slamat jadi pengantin baru,,heeee;)