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tiCk ToCk.tiCk ToCk. The Clock is ticking~

Alhamdulillah, today 7.2.12 notes precisely 5more months till our Official Special Day arrives *Insha'ALLAH* :)

I have once wrote a post regarding the challenges that we'd face when being engaged & I can't deny the fact that the challenges might differ from a person to another~ :) As for myself, I am really2 grateful to ALLAH swt that the challenges that HE has given to me does not include any 3rd parties or anything relating to it~ Alhamdulillah~ As what I have mentioned in my prior post 'Duga.aann', I keep reminding to myself the 2 crucial matters to always bare in mind~ :) 

Nobody is perfect
A marriage will be perfect if you know all the flaws of your spoouse & still you loved him / her regardless, and of course vice versa.

Do not expect to have a wife a perfect as Siti Faitmah when you are not any near to being Saidina Ali.
*Siti Fatimah is the wife of Saidina Ali, 1 of the 4 Great Caliphs of Islam. Both of them are said to be an example of perfect husband & wife.

Satan Hates Marriage
Why? Because it will be some sort of firewall for us from doing the forbidden / sins. They will try to sabotage the whole marriage by all means. Thus, those doubts that you might have within you dear ones are just some persuasion from this nasty creature. A’uzubillahi Min Assyaithonirrojim. 

I recently saw this image of a conversation on facebook & thought that it'll be very2 interesting for me to share it with all you sweethearts~ :)

I personally think that what the person's reply to his friend's sms was very2 much clear & true~ We often overlook the great person whom ALLAH swt has actually given to us all & in the end would stop appreciating what we have by thinking that we can get someone better~ This normally would result in cheating & not being happy with the person whom we're with. 

Before I go further ahead dear loves, just think for a second..what if, the situation was turned the other way around & it is our spouse whom thinks that we're not worth their time any longer? How would that make us feel instead? :) *I'll just leave that for you to answer*

All I'm saying here is that NO ONE in this whole wide WORLD is PERFECT dear ones~ Yes, NO ONE~ :) But that is the beauty of life~ The similarities are what attract us together & the differences on the other hand are what makes us complete each other~ :)

It is really2 sad for me to see cases where people whom actually cancel of the engagement or get divorced due to third parties or the differences view in life. However, I do realize the fact that when such matter happens it is all ALLAH's plan in ensuring that we obtain the best that we truly deserve~ :) I sincerely really2 love looking at the newly weds that I am very2 sure everyone knows the story behind their marriage. It is non other than Ally Iskandar & Farah Lee :) SubhanALLAH, Such a perfect match~ 

I really2 hope & pray that they'll obtain the beautiful blessed loving life together that they truly deserve~ :)

Hence, Always remember dear ones to appreciate & cherish the person whom ALLAH swt has given to us~ Despite all the imperfections that we might posses, they still love us in a perfect way, that to me is very2 valuable & hard to find~~ :)

To my dearest fiancee; I know that the journey that we're heading to is not an easy one & that at times I can be really2 hard to be handled but I can ensure you that so long as you promise that you'll always be by my side, Insha'ALLAH I promise that It'll be worth it~ :) 

Till we Meet again dear loves,

Take Care..

~~Lots & TONS of LOVE~~,
AimieRifdi~ :)

May Allah keep you cheerful – 

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