Trusting & Gaining It :)

If we want others to trust us, we must FIRST be a person whom others can trust & rely on~ In order to gain that trust, we ought to PROVE to the people whom we love & care that we're worth to be trusted~

Always remember that trust is something that is difficult to be gained but once gained, it'll be priceless.. However, trust can also be easily broken if it's not taken care of.

Trust is one of those things that is earned and not given freely. Gaining someone's trust is something that comes with time and proven loyalty. To earn trust, a person must prove his/her level of honesty. Respect goes hand in hand with trust. Without it, there can be no trust.

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khalifah said...

hye sisss..dh lma xjenguk ur blog..npe bila click url.keluar error..dh rfresh bru ble bukak..huhu