♥ Good Night & Sleep tight :) ♥

Each night before we close our eyes, always try to count those blessings in our life, rather than counting back those regrets :) Always remember dear loves that each & everyday that ALLAH swt has given to us all to still live & make something great out of it is a gift of life itself that we often fail to appreciate~ 

June 2010 :)
Hence tonight before we wonder to dreamland, let us together say ALHAMDULILLAH, Thank you O'ALLAH for today. Let's be grateful that no matter how rough our day might have been, we still have a place that we can call as our home & most importantly always be thankful that HE ALWAYS listens, even to our most deepest silent prayers~ If HE doesn't give us what we had prayed for then believe in HIM that Insha'ALLAH HE's planning for something much better for us all instead~ :) Thus the reason being why most beautiful gifts in life are our unanswered prayers~ Because ONLY HE knows BEST~ :)

Good Night My dear Sweethearts~ :) Only Think of all the happy thoughts & Insha'ALLAH we shall all wake up with a positive mind & will be much more energetic to face our new day~ Sleep Tight Now Munchkin~ *huGs*

Azhak Allah sinnaka - 
May Allah keep you cheerful – 

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Arina Jamil , said...

assalmualikum kakak . ur a soo beautiful . sweet je akk ng budak budak tu :)