♥ Alhamdulillah, We're 5~ ;) ♥

:) Happy 5th Year Anniversary (11.1.12) my dearest fiancee Dinie Rifdi~ :)
It feels like it was just yesterday that you proposed to me to become your gf~ How time really
flies when we're enjoying every moment of it~ :) Each one of those memories *the beautiful
& the bad ones* shall be cherished forever~ :) *Insha'ALLAH*

Despite realizing all our differences, I am truly grateful that Alhamdulillah we always manage 
to overcome it all & turn those differences into our very own special magical sparks~ :) Those differences are what makes us both complete~ I never regret any bit of our healthy arguments 
as they make us understand each other better~ *Insha'ALLAH* :)

Thank you for always accepting me as how I am, being there, caring, understanding & 
most importantly for always supporting me at times when I truly needed a best friend~ :) 

People have always advised me to find a soulmate whom we enjoy talking to because 
at the end of the day, once we grow older it is those deep conversations that nurtures 
our love,  for everything that are on the outside shall definitely fade away as we age~ :) 
Thus, I thank ALLAH for giving you to me~ 

I know that our road ahead will at times be a lil bit bumpy & curvy but so long as 
I have you with me, I know that the journey shall definitely be worth while~ 
*Insha'ALLAH* May Our journey will always be blessed by ALLAH & that 
we'll truly be happy till Jannah~ *ameen* :) 

 Here's to you syg~ :) Our fav song~ 
I LoVe You Dinie Rifdi~ 

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