We are Who we REALLY ARE :)

I personally believe that staying true to ourselves & whom we REALLY are is very2 much important dear loves. Why? :) 1 of the main reasons is like how I've countlessly said,'individuality' :)

If we're not the type of person who has ever used 'Aku-kau' before then don't just use it just so we can fit in~ OR IF we're not the kind of person who'd normally use the terms such as 'dear ones & etc' hence don't just use it because another person is.

Always remember sweethearts, that those whom truly loves us would not want us to change just so that we could be loved or be able to fit in with them. Because those who really do love us would accept us as how we already are~ By all means :)

Hence, don't just be someone whom others want us to be but instead be the person whom we REALLY ARE & want to be. Because being comfortable with ourselves can clearly be seen through our confidence :)

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teenot said...

Assalamualaikum kak aimie! first time komen kat blog akak..:) suka sangat baca post akak..sangat're the lucky're so gorgeous,brilliant and have everything..suka tgk akak,MasyaAllah cantikkkk :) salam perkenalan!