Examination - P1 ;)

As'salammualaikum~ :)

Alhamdulillah, my ACCA exam papers are now over *for the semester* :) How did it go? Well, let's just say that Insha'ALLAH I've tried my best & now all that I can do is just Pray to HIM~ :) I've gotto admite dear ones that yes indeed, ACCA is actually much harder than I expected it to be because to be honest with you sweethearts, during my degree years I could spend about 2weeks time to complete my studies for my 3-4subjects per semester~ however, ACCA requires MORE than just that 2weeks~ I would say a month but then frankly speaking it was still not enough~ Hence, CONSISTENCY is the BEST solution indeed~ :) I guess it is called a professional paper for a VERY Solid reason~ hehe :) Insha'ALLAH~

We all know that exams can be difficult at time & might cause us distress~ There's no surprise there~ ;) I am truly grateful during that period of time my dearest handsome lil brother Muhammad Arif gave me these words of advice that had really2 motivated me. Thus, I thought it'll be great if I get to share it with all of you dear sweethearts out there who will be taking your final exams real soon enough~ :)

Sesungguhnya orang yang martabat dia tinggi di sisi Allah adalah orang yg baik akhlak nyer dan orang yang dicintai oleh rasul pon orang yg baik akhlak nyer. Dan salah satu akhlak yg baik adalah sentiasa bersungguh dalam melakukan sesuatu seperti belajar!!! Kita kena ingat yang kita belajar bukan kerana grades sahaja tetapi apa yang penting adalah mendapatkan keredhaan Allah dan sebagaimana imam ghazali kata ilmu yg bermanfaat adalah ilmu yg mendekat kan diri kepada Allah tidak semestinya ilmu itu perlu sentuh pasal agama sahaja kan tetapi sekiranya kita lihat bagaimana ilmu itu sendiri atau keindahan ilmu itu nescaya kita akan terfikir sesungguhnya tuhan segala ilmu ini mesti lagi hebat
Then kita sll fikir tanggapan orang terhadap kita tetapi kita mungkin tidak ingat atau tidak sedar akan tanggapan Allah atau bagaimana Allah melihat kita adakah kita cukup baik di mata dia kerana dia suka kepada orang yg ehsan seperti kita melihat Allah atau Allah melihat kita dalam sesuatu pekerjaan termasuklah belajar. Sesungguhnya setiap umat islam itu tidak hanya membawa nama sendiri keluarga atau masyrakat tetapi ingat ada satu nama juga yang org sering pandang.... Nama islam~

He might be younger than I but he can actually be much wiser & MATURED compared to this big old sister of his~ thank you Muhammad Arif for these words of advice~ Alhamdulillah~ :)

During this semester, I had 2subjects to study for~ they were:

To apply relevant knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement in carrying out the role of the accountant relating to governance, internal control, compliance, and the management of risk within an organisation - in the context of an overall ethical framework.
To apply relevant knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement in assessing strategic position, determining strategic choice, and implementing strategic action through business process and structural change, coordinating knowledge systems and information technology, and by managing quality processes, projects, and people.

Personally I enjoyed studying for P1 more than P3~ :) If you were to ask me why my dear sweethearts, I guess my reason is because it relates more towards my personal interest~ :) P1 teaches more about matters that I personally feel we all can relate much more towards our daily life~ for example, in it we learnt some ethical theories which under it are 'Teleological Ethics (consequentialism) & Deontological Ethics (non-consequentialism)'

Teleological Ethics states that rightness or wrongness of an action is based on the consequences. It is therefore situational, contingent and NOT absolute. It believes that the 'ENDs' are always more important than the means. Under it there's the Utilitarianism and Egoism~ :) The Utilitarianism believes that one must act in ways which bring about the Greatest Happiness for the greatest number (i.e, what is best for the MAJORITY) however, Egoism believes that one should act in ways which bring about the greatest happiness for one self (i.e, what is best for me, myself & ONLY I).. 

On the other hand, Deontological Ethics (Kantian Approach) means that rightness or wrongness of an action is based on the intrinsic virtue of the action / duty. It believes that the 'Means' is very much more important than the ends, it is non-situational & absolute. Under it there are 2categories which are: Hypothetical Imperative and Categorical Imperative :) The Hypothetical Imperative states that it is a Duty to act in a certain way IF a certain outcome / result is to be achieved and Categorical Imperative states that we hold the Duty to act in certain way regardless of outcome / result. Therefore act in accordance with moral criteria~ :) Here are some guidelines of the moral criteria
* Do as you would be done by
* Treat people as individuals & not as means to an end
* Act as if acting in accordance with universal laws

You must be wondering Why am I sharing all these ethical views with all you sweethearts? :) Well, to be honest dear loves, I really do not have any intention at all to boost my knowledge to any one of you dear ones but to just sincerely share how there are so many different types of perspectives and views towards every actions that we take~ Some might perceive what we think is right as wrong & vice versa~ However that IS LIFE~ There's no way that everyone would think exactly as how we think or want to do the exact same thing as what we want~ :) But like how I always say, that is what makes life more beautiful & adds more color to it~ :) If it were up to me, I'd say that Categorical Imperative would be my personal believe & preference~ :) How 'bout you dear loves? ;) 

I know that most of you sweetie pies are about to go through your finals exams very2 soon~ Thus, Here are some word of advice right sincerely right from my heart to each & every one of you sweethearts who are about to sit for your finals~ :)

REMEMBER dear loves that if you ;) ......hehe....

However, on a serious note here's something that I would really2 like to remind each & every one of you sweeties of there~ :) So here's something that I really2 hope that You will promise me please~ :) Insha'ALLAH~ *huGs*

Last but not least~ GOOD LUCK & ALL the BEST for this upcoming final exams dear loves~ Always remember that studying is never enough~ Your body will still need the enough rest that it needs so that it shall be able to function well during those important days & most importantly is to Pray Hard because knowledge are food for our brains but Du'as & Prayers are what strengthen our Souls~ :) When we're near ALLAH that is when Insha'ALLAH we'll feel much confident to tackle anything because ALLAH will try HIS best to help us by all means through HIS guidance~ :) Hence, NEVER GIVE UP before trying~ Take good care of yourself sweethearts especially what you eat dear loves, wouldn't want any of you to fall sick before the important day~ :) Insha'ALLAH, May Success be with each & every one of you geniuses~ *ameen* ;) 

~Lots & TONS of LOVE~
~AimieRifdi~ ;)


Amirah Adnan said...

ACCA, accounting kan? hehe.. good luck sis!

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

Amirah Adnan :
Thank you sweetheart~ :) May HE bless you always~ *huGs* <3