My Battlefield ;)


Anyone there? :D hehehe. How have you all been my dear sweethearts? ;)

I know. I know :D I shouldn't be back here again just yet but then..these itchy fingers of mine just couldn't resist from sharing some important upcoming events with all of you sweethearts :D *ngee~ guilty as charged* hehehe.

Alhamdulillah, despite the ups & downs that I have been facing throughout these past 2 weeks, I am really2 grateful that:

1) with me being MIA, I was able to clearly see to whom I was very significant to.. Those who never gave up to stay in touched with me. These dear loves are the people whom i know are my real true gems ALHAMDULILLAH :)

2) I'd love to congratulate my dearest brilliant lil sister on her recent graduation. Saya sgt2 proud of awak Doctor Alia. Sy can't wait for awak to be back home this Sunday (11.12.11) to give awak a GREAT HUGE BIG HUG :) awak for one sy tau sgt2 truly deserve this beautiful success Alhamdulillah.

3) Allah had recently presented to me so many beautiful friendships like Bella (Joyah), Aainaa, Ainaa (farah), Shiera (chacha) & so many more whom have taught me so much about life & in particular a lady who have guided me well for this past few weeks. SubhnaAllah. Thank u O'Allah for giving me a dear sweetheart name Färah Amyra :) Alhamdulillah.

4) Last Wednesday, I received an important phone call ;) a job interview, which will be on this:
15th December '11 at a very fine & well established big corporation ALHAMDULILLAH.. Hehehe.. I shall explain more *insha'Allah* but yes, people plan but only HE knows our future & what's truly best for us all :)

5) I'd like to take this opportunity before I step into this battle field of mine to seek for forgiveness from each & every one of you dear ones :) I am very much well aware that no humans are perfect, hence I'm truly sorry if within these imperfections of mine I have accidentally or purposely hurt anyone of u dear loves. My sincere apologies for each & every mistakes & weaknesses of mine sweeties :) please please please help pray for my success dear loves~ :D Insha'Allah I shall be having my ACCA exam papers on:
* P3 - 12 dec 11 (3pm)
* P1 - 14 dec 11 (3pm)

Thus without any further adieu,

Lots of love,

May GOD (ALLAH swt) Bless each & everyone of us *ameen*

Ps: I've missed u soo much ;)

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LynN LoLa~~ said...

kak aimie, i miss u soo much but i don't know how to contact u during ur MIA :( mesti akak ingat lynn tak ingat kat akak kan... :'(

goodluck for ur exam and interview kakak. may Allah be with u always. :)