Let the Battle begin :)

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones :)

GoodBye & Farewell I bid to you my dearest
facebook & blog sweethearts~ Insha'ALLAH I shall be
leaving you for a while to face a very2 important battle ;)
My ACCA exams. hehe. Thus, please do help pray
for my success~ *Insha'ALLAH*

We'll meet up once again after the 15th of December 2011~
Till then, always remember dear loves to SMILE MORE,
even when the burden that we're carrying seems to be too
burdensome~ :) because 1 fine day, we'll realize how those
obstacles that we once considered as a burden have turned out
to be a blessing in disguise~ *Insha'ALLAH* :) <3

Life holds many beautiful & wonderful surprises that are beyond
what us humans can think of~ & that is what makes life interesting :)

LAUGH A LOT for laughter can always help
heal & lighten those burden~ :) <3

Before I leave you for this 2weeks period of time~
Here's a song that I would like to dedicate to each &
everyone of you special ones out there who are all truly
amazing & incredible just as how you already are~ :)

Always hold on to 1 principle in life dear loves  & Insha'ALLAH 
we'll be happy & contended for eternity~ be not jealous of others but of 
whom we are not tomorrow~ this means that, we should never compare 
ourselves with others but with whom we were yesterday in assuring that 
we'll always be our better tomorrow~  ♥ :)

ps: when our instinct is telling us something,
listen to it because most of the time it is true

Azhak Allah sinnaka 
May Allah keep you cheerful – 

Fi Amanillah 

take care sweethearts~ *huGs* :)

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