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As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)

How was your eid adha celebration? I really2 Hope that all of you sweethearts had so much fun & enjoyed every single moment spent with your loved ones~ I would like to take this opportunity to wish a VERY2 Happy Eid ul-Adha to all Of your dear ones~ Forgive me if i've done wrong, for I am only a normal human being~ :)

I think it's a bit too obvious now that I am so much in love & I prefer to wear square hijabs these days if compared to shawls~ :) I guess they're easier to be worn especially during those lazy days when simple is the BEST look that we're looking for~ ;)

I recently did some online shopping & bought a few square hijabs from an online shop called Scarf Hijabi ;) The thing that I love most about these square hijabs compared to the normal square bawal is that I don't actually need to iron them~ thus, it really2 saves me A LOT of time~ ;) Alhamdulillah~ Aside from that, the material is made out of cotton. hence making it very2 much comfortable to be worn during any kind of weather~ ;) 

Why I bought them from Scarf Hijabi is because I'd normally do some comparing before purchasing any items *especially online shopping* & Alhamdulillah, they are selling all their hijabs at a very very much lower price compared to other blogshops :) Aside from that, they also provide bulk purchases at a very2 low cost for those who are interested to start of their own businesses~ ;) 

Well, I shall not say much but rather just allow all of you dear ones to experience yourself~ So, Why wait? ;) purchase one today & insha'ALLAH You would be very2 satisfied just as how I am~ ;) Alhamdulillah~

~Kul senaa wa antum taebeen wa saalmeen~

May You Have a Blessed & Wonderful time with your loved ones~ 
remember to always Take Care dear ones~ *huGs* :)

p/s: Don't forget to wake up tomorrow with a HUGE BRIGHT smile on our face~ 
You're definitely gonna look beautiful sweethearts~ :) ♥


Miss Azra said...

aimi! i really love ur tudung tu.. comel gler!! may i know where did u get that hijab dear? ;)

Anonymous said...

hye sis..boleh dapatkan SCARF HIJABI di facebook..tq