♥ ♥ Mending the Broken Heart..*part 1* :) ♥ ♥

As'salammualaikum Sweethearts~ :)

How have you all been? ;) Hope everything's great~

I know that I have written something about break ups before~ *refer here* & you must be wondering why would I wanna write about it all over again? hehe. Well sweetie, this time the highlight would be more about mending the broken heart~ :)

To be honest dear ones, I am not at all an expert in love what more when it comes to healing the broken hearts~ BUT InsyaALLAH what I can do here is to share with you a few 'tips' on how I managed my 'few' breaks ups before & I shall also put in some extra tips from the 'Mars & Venus.."Starting Over" book that I have personally read which InsyaALLAH shall be useful as well~ :)

Hence, let's start~ ;) 

I know that break ups can be at times really2 messy *depending on the reason* & in my personal opinion, it is normally hard for the 2people to stay friends right after the break up because 1 party shall definitely still have feelings & hopes for the other party~ thus, it would be advisable for the 2parties to take some time alone, distance from each other *especially when the break up is serious*~ This means, no phone calls, sms-es or even any meet-ups for a certain duration depending on the individuals~ :)

1st Stage- Caving moment

The main reason why I call this stage as the caving moment is because if we look back at the history of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, he went to the Cave of Hira' to find peace & there was where he did some Muraqaba (meditation) which is a Sunnah of Rasulallah (s.a.w). It is a well known fact that Rasulallah (s.a.w) used to go to Cave Hira at night to meditate. It was on one of these nights that Hazrat Jibrail (A.S) appeared and gave Rasulallah (s.a.w) news of Prophethood. 

Also, Rasulallah (s.a.w) was the most devoted man during the night and used to spend one or two thirds of every night in prayer aswell as meditation.

Nobody knows about the exact method of meditation that Rasulallah (s.a.w) used. The aspect of meditation and its teaching was most probably passed down to his closest circle of companions such as Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima etc. who are all known for their high spiritual stations.

The validation of this statement can be derived from the historical fact that these Holy Companions were able to reach elevated levels of intense concentration during their formal prayers, which signifies that they were taught the science of meditation (which is linked to concentration & focus).

In one hadith, Rasulallah (s.a.w) says:
"Tafakarru sa`atin khayrun min `ibadati sabaeen sannah."  Which means, "One hour of meditation (muraqaba) is better than 70 years of worship." (source:

Well, of course Rasulullah saw didn't go there after a sad break up or anything to do with it~ hehehe~ No dear ones, he went there because He wanted to meditate & pray to ALLAH swt~ :)

& So, during this stage it is totally fine for us to be alone for a while~ maybe do the things that we love to do like watch dvd, read novels, eat lots & lots of ice creams or even stay cuddled in bed for soo long *provided that we don't have anything important to do like classes or work* hehe. 

Personally, I think that it is very much okiey for us to cry or moan as much as we want to BUT then remember dear ones, to NOT let our emotions get carried away~ because that is when satan becomes most vulnerabile to attack us~ *owh no dear ones* don't get me wrong. When I mean attack, it's not through ANY weapon BUT by fooling around with our heart & mind~ Making us think of the things that Islam prohibits us to do~ such as taking dangerous pills or drugs, trying to commit suicide, drinking alcohol & so much more~ 

You see dear ones, my mama have always told me that during sadness that is when our defenses towards the whisper of satan would be at the lowest~ Knowing this, satan would definitely love to take advantage of the situation *of course* :) hence, if we listen to them & actually do those things that was prohibited by ALLAH swt, then sadly we have allowed them to have their sweet victory~ Now tell me dear ones, would you like that to happen? :) Without having to wait for you answer, I am very sure that as a true muslim, we would definitely not want that to happen~

So, What should we do instead? *ahaaa* now that's a better question~ ;) 

:) the answer is VERY easy & simple dear ones~ Of course, crying is okiey as sometimes crying is actually a means of expressing our true emotions *why should we hide or bury those emotions? that is definitely not good for the long run* & who ever said that only the weak ones cry, well.. have you ever heard this saying that sometimes crying just shows how strong we are in showing our true emotions & feelings because not everyone dares to cry~ :)

picture credits to my dear sweet Warda~ :)
So, When do you know that you should stop crying? personally when I cry, I'd actually stop crying when your heart is telling to cry even louder~ *see, that's is 1 of the signs that satan is trying to whisper to us dear ones* Once we have stopped crying, instead of lying around in bed, try to get ourselves out from it & go perform our ablution *ambil wudhu'* InsyaALLAH sweetie with this, ALLAH will help us by slowly making our sadness go away~ *InsyaALLAH* :) Then, what we should do next is either perform a solat sunat because a muslim is very much near to GOD when s/he is performing solat~ :) OR what we can simply do is to read the ayat al-Quran~ Yes, it is proven dear ones that the ayat al-quran holds the healing power to soo many things which among them is a broken heart~ :) 

Tell me dear ones, why shouldn't we do all that I have mentioned above when we ALL know that the main reason why ALLAH swt sent us obstacles may it be sadness or anger, is because HE really loves us & wants us to think of HIM & LOVE HIM more~ So, what are any other better ways to show HIM that we love him rather than to stay away from all that HE has prohibited, pray more & read HIS ayat suci Al-quran~ :)

Before I leave you with the end part 1, I'd love to share with all of you dear ones this simple & yet meaningful piece of picture that might actually help us during this stage~ :) Insha'ALLAH~

Till we meet again~ Take Care & As'salammualaikum sweethearts~ :) 

Azhak Allah sinnaka - 
May Allah keep you cheerful dear ones~

Picture credits to my dearest friend the witty warda~ ;)

this topic was specially requested by my dear sweet Nurul Nadia Mohtar~ thank you my dear for the wonderful support & for suggesting this topic~ :) sorry that it might be a lil bit late~ :) hope this is useful & meets maybe not fully but at least a lil bit of your expectation~ :)

to those of you dear ones whom might have great ideas or suggestions for my future post, do lemme know~ :) I'd be MORE than HAPPY to share my thoughts, experiences and maybe perhaps knowledge regarding it~ ;)

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Fatinnadiah said...

broken heart because of putus cinta ke..? alhamdulillah x pernah ada pengalaman cmtu..cuma sy pernah lah suka igtkan dia ada perasaan kat sy jugak..sebab kami membesar bersama..ahh! ayat tak bole itu kenyataannye..alih2 lepas dia bljr kt satu tmpt blajar ni,sy ngan family sy nak jenguk dia.boleh pulak dia bagitau kat my mom, "ni kawan angah. farah"..and at that time I just said to myself ,"WHAT..?" tak de rasa apa2 pun cuma agak terkejut.waktu mmg dia x kenalkan pompuan sbg kekasih dia tp tau sbb sy nmpk diorg sembang berdua2an. lepas hantar dia balik,masuk kereta,my Abah and Mak said ," tu adik tu hancurlah hati no.." .cepat2 sy cakap MANA ADA.ORG TAK DE APA2 PERASAAN PUN KAT DIA.."

sy pun heran sebab sy rs sy x tunjukkan prasaan apa pon time tu,tp maybe perasaan mak abah sy kot time tu..panjang gler nk berkongsi