♥ Moving ON Forward ♥

There are Certain points in our lifetime when 
we just need to learn how to let go dear ones~
Letting go of the person whom we love most,
Letting go of our memories, histories & our past~

Letting go does not mean that we're weak sweethearts~
It just shows how strong we are in accepting what 
ALLAH swt has written for our future~
Letting go does not mean that we're giving up my dear love~
It just means that we're giving ourselves a chance for the greater 
miracles that ALLAH wishes to present to us all dear ones~ :)

Letting go means being at peace with the 'Qada' & Qadar, 
being able to accept all the good & bad things that our history has brought 
into our life & has made us into the wonderful person whom we're meant to be~
Once we're able to let go, then only we'll be able to truly understand why it all had
happened as how HE wanted it, instead of how we planned it to have happened~ ♥

Alhamdulillah, I have relinquished so many parts of my past histories & 
Insha'ALLAH will always hold onto the valuable lessons that it had taught me~ :)
Thus together, let us always move forward dear ones without having 
to look back except for those lesson that HE wanted us to learn~ :)



I love this post!! It really gives me some good advice. Definitely what I need tonight. thanks dear *hugs*

Ieka Ahmad said...

Thank you for this beautiful post sister :')