♥ Because Love Takes Time~ :) ♥

Personally speaking out of my personal experience, I know that when we're in love, we'd hope to spend the rest of our life with that special someone. That Is one out of the many special feelings of being in love would bring to us all~ :)

However, we often forget dear ones that it is Allah who decides whom our real soulmate is. Always bare in mind sweethearts that If the person's really not meant to be for us, no matter how hard we try to make the relationship survive/work, it'll still fail at the end of the day if Allah has written that they're not the best for us just yet & vice versa~ Remember, Allah has mentioned in the sura yassin "His Command, when He intends anything, is only that He says to it, "Be' then (and there) it is - (Kun Fayakun)" - Verse 82~ Hence sometimes no matter how much we try to restrain ourselves from falling in love with that certain someone, the feeling will naturally blossom because feelings especially is something that is beyond our control~ :) Feelings is definitely Something that can never lie to us all~ 

Have u ever noticed dear ones where there are certain situations for instance, a guy meets a girl & yet nothing blooms.. not until after they meet up again years & years later after that, despite the fact that they've lost contact with each other for so many years. See dear ones, how sometimes Allah swt would preserve that 1 special someone, make them fully equipped for us & would only reveal them until the right time has come. Yes, love is about the perfect timing. 

On another situation, a guy who seeks for only serious relationships might actually fall for a lady who refuses to be serious in any relationship due to her past experience. Despite the fact that the guy might dislike that 'one' particular detail about the lady however, he'd still go after her because his heart tells him that she is the one for him~ :) Even after so many heartbreaks caused by the lady that he had fallen in love with, the guy would still not give up~ WHY..? :) because his instinct is telling him that she's the lady that he has been looking for~ Years after years, he'd still stick by her side trying to prove his love for her & Alhamdulillah after almost 3years, ALLAH finally opens up her heart, making her being able to finally fully accept his love & learn to become loyal once again~ Love dear ones is about sacrifices & truly accepting one another as how we are~ :) 

One last scenario before I end this post would be how a man who have been looking & waiting for his perfect true love, finally finds it after almost 26years of his life & when he finally meets that special lady, he sweeps her off her feet & ask her hand in marriage even though they might have known each other only just for a while~ :) 

Thus, fret not my dear sweethearts~ Always have faith in ALLAH swt that HE has decided & written for us all that 'one' special person who would appreciate, care, love, treasure us for who we are & most importantly would help guide us to the right path~~  :)


zalikhaazman said...

i seriously love your skin my deaaaaarrr!!! what products are you using :D Can you share with us? :) if possible,thanks <3

~eZmALiZa~ said...

dear aimie,

u have a such beautiful face yaa...very sweet and nice.. i selalu perasan u dlm fb even i'm not ur fren list...sgttt cantik...

best of luck for your future. i love ur smile! seriously! :)