If we have got a loyal spouse.. Appreciate them &
DO NOT cheat on them dear ones :)

On the other hand, if we happen to be the 3rd party, try to stay 
away from these 'unloyal' people. Remember, if they can cheat 
on their spouse whom they say that they're in love with, don't be 
surprised if they can do the same thing back to us 1fine day~ :) 

Always believe that what we do to others is what we'll get back

Loyalty isn't about the fear of getting caught red handed by our 
spouse rather, it is the fear of hurting the person whom we love 
because by hurting them would indirectly hurt us too :)


Bellalong said...

Love the entry! btw, i'm just curious, Aimie berbangsa apa? muka macam HanaTajima :) cantik..

Anonymous said...

Love this entry sis and the others too :)I def believe in Karma..