♥♥ You Can Count on Me like 1.2.3 ;) ♥♥

As'salammualaikum Dear ones~ :)

How have you all been sweethearts? ♥

Do you have a few certain people in your life whom no matter
how often or long enough you meet up with them, a few minutes
later after that, you'd start missing them so badly already..? :)

I really2 am not so sure why I feel that way but here are a few
special people in my life whom the moment when I say goodbye 
to them, I'd start missing them sooo terribly much again~ :)

♥ My 1 & only dear beautiful blood sister ALIA ABD HALIM :) ♥
♥ My lil sister The Arabian lady Bella Dela Rosa :) ♥
♥ My lil sister who has The Natural beauty Shiera Firhat :) ♥
♥ My soul sister the ever so gorgeous Aainaa Syahirah~ :) ♥
♥ My Dearest Pretty ladies High School Sweethearts ~ :) ♥
♥ My Beautiful High School Sweethearts ~ :) ♥

We might not stay in touch as often as we wish to, due to many reasons 
but despite that, I know that I am always in their heart & mind just 
as how they are always in mine~ :) *ALHAMDULILLAH* 

What I love most about them is truly simple~ We might at times disagree
on some matters & even quarrel a bit here & there, but no matter what happens 
they always find it in their heart to forgive me & to always see the goodness 
within me~ *MASYAALLAH* they're truly a dear friend indeed~ To top it up,
 they are ALWAYS there for me, to give me their full support for almost 
everything that I opt for in life~ *SubhanALLAH* thank you ALLAH for 
all these beautiful friendship that YOU have presented to me~  

There are actually soo many other great ladies in my life whom are always 
sooo dear to me but it'll probably take me days to actually list them out~ ;)

Before I end this post, please allow me to dedicate this special song to them &
to EACH 1 of you special dear ones who have always been giving me your full
support~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ I am grateful for having ALL of you in my
life~ May HE bless you with the life that you dream of sweeties~ :) *huGs*

Hence, That's all for today sweethearts~ :)

Have A wonderful day ahead of you dear ones~ *Take Care* huGs*

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