♥ Special Gifts for Special People :) ♥

As'salammualaikum dear ones~ :)

How's your raya so far ♥~..? :) Hope everyone's having a wonderful time & enjoying every moment of this beautiful festive season~ Well to be honest, my Ramadhan & Shawal this year has been 1of the most special ones that I've had ever since the last 4years~ :) *Alhamdulillah* I'll fill you in with more details in the next entry aite dear ones? ;) 

In conjunction with this special festive celebration, I have got 5 special gifts to give away~ All you need to do dear ones is to write a simple entry stating:

a) What changes or impacts has this year's Ramadhan brought to you..? :)
b) Why is this year's Eid ul-fitr more special for you compared to the previous years~..? ♥

Simple right dear ones~..? :) The Main reason for this is because i'd love to read what you might have to share~ There are basically no terms nor condition~ hehe.. please, I would really2 appreciate it if you DO NOT put my header at you post~ thank you sweethearts~ :)

Once you're done writing the entry, just post your entry's link below at this entry's comment box~ InsyaALLAH, I shall drop by your special post & will announce the lucky ones by *InsyaALLAH* this 24th of September 2011~ :)

Can't wait to read from you very soon sweeties~ till then, Take Care~ :) *huGs*

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BeYLa! said...

Hehe just a simple entry~ Hope kak Aimie dunt mind ade gmba tu Beyla amek dr fb kak tu tak sempat nak amek gmba. ehehehe. :)