♥ Our Life, Our Journey ♥

I personally Believe that each person in our life will one way or another give an impact to us all. The positive ones will guide us to a brighter future in finding ourselves  *INsyaALLAH*.

In life, when something undesirable happens to us my dear, always reflect the message that Allah is trying to convey to us & seek only for our own weaknesses to be fixed. Never should we look at any other person's weaknesses for it would not bring us any benefits. Remember sweeties, Life is NEVER about the journey to seek for other people's mistakes or weaknesses but it is rather about searching for who we are & the true meaning of life. Life is not about being better than others, it's always about being better than who we were yesterday. 
Thus, there's no need for us to envy others who might be better or have more than what we do. If we could just stop whining so much about other people & start seeing life in a new perspective, we will soon then realize that there's more to life than to bad mouth about others. Remember, Only unhappy people would say negative things :)

Always Appreciate the life that God (Allah swt) had given to us all because we're only given 1 chance to live it. Hence, Lets Use it wisely dear Ones :)

*huGs & Kisses* :)


Miss Azra said...

aimie, like ur post..
it is REALLY true!!! :))

~ CIK SYU ~ said...

kakak~saya sukaaaaaa sgt each ov ur word..setiap entry kakak, mesti ckp psl benda2 positif & nasihat..saya byk belajar drpd u, my pretty sis :) syukur Ya الله

Hani Mansor said...

Hai Kak AImie . u're the one