♥ Live, Love, Laugh :) ♥

To all my dearest beloved dear ones,
Let's not waste our time regretting all our wrongs ♥ ;
Instead Know that in the end we'll get what our heart longs.
Try not to risk it all, don't stumble; don't fall.
Take the time to read the writings on the wall ♥. 
Hold our head high, don't be afraid to say goodbye. 
Always Stay true and be who we truly are ♥,  
do everything there is to do.
Live life to the fullest and never look back. 
There is a reason for the future and a reason for the past.
Love till it hurts; laugh till we cry and when our life passes 
Before we die, be happy for what we have done 
And be happy for what we have overcome ♥
And most of all be happy for what we have become :)


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~ CIK SYU ~ said...

subhanALLAH~tu je mampu saya cakapkan ~