♥ Manners & Respect ♥

♥ Personally I have always believed that there's a huge difference
between a person who's truly honest or just plain blunt ♥

To me dear ones, an honest person would tell us only the necessary 
honest truth in a nice manner just so that it won't hurt us :) 
However, A blunt person would normally speak insensitively without 
compassion with the intention of hurting the other person's feelings. 

Hence When giving out any advices or remarks, we should NEVER ever 
use a cynical method or tone because by doing so, We'll only end up
losing that person's respect towards us dear ones~ :)

Without any respect, the advice carries no value at all :)
Therefore, If we want others to respect us, we must first learn how to
control our intonation & choose our words wisely before we speak ♥

These 2 things play a huge role in differentiating a person with 
manner or simply 1 who deserves no respect :)

p/s: This is especially a reminder for myself & also for 
all of you dear ones who believe in positivity~ :)

*Lots Of LoVe*
AimieRifdi :)


Cik Suheela said...

blog akk mmg byk bagi saya motivasi..thnx kak aimi yg comel.. :)

Emilia Emilia said...

tone and body language too.. sends alot of signals to others too, that we should consider when communicating with others..=)

*a reminder for me & others <3<3

Hani Mansor said...

Hai my gorges dear Kak Aimie ,
selain blog ni , ade x social network laen blh connect ng Kak Aimie ,
FB ke Twitter ke ?
Hani tringin nk connect ng Kak Aimie nii . c: