♥ the proper way ♥

Beautiful Arabian Looking Bella Dela Rosa~ :) L.O.V.E her till bits~

When someone shows a kind act of appreciation towards us, 
don't forget to be thankful & never take them for granted 
because it's not everyday that we'd be able to meet a 
person who'd truly appreciate us for who we are~ :)

If Someone ask you,"What is the correct or proper way to show our 
love towards our family, lover, friends or towards animals..?" Then,
What would your answer be dear ones..? :) I am sure this type of 
question woud end up either having so many types of answers 
or simply no answer at all. hehe.

Have you ever wondered, what is the answer to that question..?
Well, be honest I too don't have the answer to it :)
Because to me, there are NO proper or specific ways in showing 
our love towards another. 

So long as there are elements of Care, Honor, Honesty, Kindness
Loyalty, Respect & many other aspects,..the Method used by each 
one of us will differ & that is why I believe is the reason being 
why EACH & EVERY ONE of our 'methods' that we use to show our 
love towards another will always be VERY SPECIAL & UNIQUE~ :)

Thus, just because a person shows their love to us in a different way
than How we'd show ours, it does NOT mean that their method is wrong
dear ones~ It just simply means, that we're ALL HUMAN beings created to
be differently unique from one another by ALLAH swt~ :)

Hence, Always appreciate others who love us, are able to accept &  
understand us for who we truly are~ :) So, with this I'd Like to thank
every one of my dear readers out there who've always managed to 
make me feel loved & appreciated~ *ALHAMDULILLAH* Each & every 
One of you truly mean the world to me~ :) May HE bless & protect all 
of you dear ones always~ **huGs** 

Till we meet again..
Take care Sweethearts~ & remember to SMILE :)
InsyaALLAH our days will become brighter if we
start it with a HUGE Bright Smile~ :) 

p/s: Alhamdulillah~ Rezeki Ramadhan~ ♥ :)

Thank u to Al-Humaira' Contemporary for the 
opportunity given to be in METRO Newspaper 
*InsyaALLAH* :)


LynN LoLa~~ said...

cantik sangat kak aimie senyum nampak gigi! adik akak sis bella pon lawa:)

Cik Tqah said...

luv ur style.. comel sgtt

Paradise Gal said...

suke entry ni..
anyway, ur entry slalu best2.. i ni jenis yg x kesah blog tu follower tak ribu riban pon.. yg pntg entry ade point..hehehe.. ape pon.. keep it up pretty!!!

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

so beutiful of you kak aimi ! truly admire you

akak , selamat berpuasa dan salam ramadhan dari sy :))

semoga rezeki kita semua bertambah dibulan mulia ini , insyaAllah

aainaa syaiirah said...

both of u are so beautiful..! :) love ur entry kak aimie.. semua kata2 kak aimie tersusun je.. sedap je bc.. :) i like it.. xoxo to both of u! :)

Hani Mansor said...
follow me pleasee.
akak , i truly admire u . u r sso pretty cute gogess !