Love Letter

Here's a short entry from me just to show how
excited & thrilled I am about this matter~ :)

love letter..? hehe..

think again~ *wink2*

It is something much more special & meaningful to me if compared to
ANY love letter that I have ever gotten in my entire life~ :)

I received this very special letter while I was doing some studying
at the library last week.. *MasyaALLAH* :) & here's the content :-

To my dearest beautiful SA (I call her my SweetAnonymous) hehe.
Thank you for this special note~ You truly Made my day~ My sincere
THANK YOU for appreciating what I have written here so far *Alhamdulillah*

It is a true blessing to know that someone out there appreciates what I have written.
*SubhanALLAH* May Allah swt Grant you with more beautiful things in this
lifetime & hereafter~ :) & May Happiness be with you Always *huGs*


Kekucings said...

kak Aimie sayang <3 ... Mr. Dinie jealous tak, akak dapat loveletter mcm ni..hehehe >.< ...comel btol pnulis surat ni...sama fanatik mcm saya la dekat blog akak..cuma, saya x sempat send loveletter je.. <3 hehe

PiNky@hEarT said...

u such a darling to everyone, u know that rite.. =) btw dear.. there's a GA going on.. super easy to join.. =)