~People Change~

People change. Nothing stays constant.
If you knew me back then, it does not 
mean that you know me well today~ :)

Improvement is something that needs to be 
implemented into our life each & everyday.
The changes might not be much but little is
still better than nothing~ :)

I am not perfect neither is anyone else. We are 
all human beings after all~ If ever I have done 
anything wrong that might've hurt anyone's feelings, 
then I am truly sincerely sorry my dear ones~ :)

My deepest sincere apology for the things which 
I might've overlooked or was not sensitive about. 
InsyaALLAH, I shall take note & try my best to 
improve so that I won't repeat the same thing
twice~ :)
Me..The Happy 25years old lady~ :)

1 comment:

LynN LoLa~~ said...

kak aimie ;-(

yes. people changed. we changed. for better insyaAllah. but y must other people keep on talking about our past time? using that point as our weak point. to demotivate us. to condemn us. to say that we are actually not that good. why why oh why on earth does this kind of people kene ade. i wish i can flush them into toilet yang tak berbasoh bertahun3 ;-(

p/s: its been a long time we having chat. i miss u sis. gudlak in wuteva u'r doing. luv, lynn