Dear Internet, Why are U So Mean? :)

The Next time when we wanna start treating people
badly through the internet, just because we feel like
it's just another mechanism, think AGAIN~ There's 
actually a person behind every computer who has
feelings, just like US~ :)

So, Always remember to treat others as how 
we want to be treated dear ones~ :) *huGs*

** Thank you to me dear sweet Ammal Farit 
for sharing this video with us all :) **


Ena.Adrina said...

Love the vids kakak! So true :)

Rin said...

assalamualaikum sis..

tgk je shawl yg sis pakai buat sy tertarik.. cantik sgt2 shawl ni bila sis pakai.. sy ada satu shawl cmni.. same colour dgn sis tp bila sy pakai, xnampak lawa pun.. sy pakai serabut jdnya.. hehe.. btw, sis mmg cantik sis.. <3

Cik Tqah said...

hi dear..i'm silent reader of ur blog..nice sesangat..loike ur style..keep writing :)