~It's not about our scars, It's all about our heart~

Personally, I have ALWAYS believed that love is something that can't be Forced what more Bought

To me love is actually a form of gift presented to us all from ALLAH as it is one way of knowing 
that we're appreciated by another person~ :) Thus, it should happen naturally because love 
needs no price just honor, loyalty, respect & most importantly Sincerity :)  :)

Love can be very beautiful indeed~ However, we've gotto always 
remember to love because of Allah swt as HE is Our creator~

I can't deny that most of the time, the reason being what attracts
us to another person may start of by their pleasant looks BUT
always bare in mind that looks shall not last forever. It'll fade 
away as we age~ however, the ONLY thing that will stay &
 last in a person is their characteristics & personalities~ Hence, 
find a person who knows how to treat us well &who may be
able to guide us in becoming a better person.
Do not feel sad if the love that we have for another was not accepted by that person
because InsyaALLAH, if we always have faith in him, trust HIM that HE is actually
preserving someone way BETTER for us all~ There's this saying that ALLAH is actually 
keeping the right one from us so that they can improve themselves before we actually 
find them~ :)

And if on the other hand, you are not able to accept the love of another, then always
try to tell them nicely that the feelings just can't be forced. Please dear ones, NEVER
EVER use harsh words or even be rude to another because NO ONE deserves to be
treated badly. Always keep in mind that we will definitely get back the treatment that
we've given to others. So, If we treat people with full respect then INSYAALLAH dear 
ones, we will be respected as well~ :) 

Thank you dear ones for your precious time to read this entry of mine :) 
I truly appreciate it so very much~ till we meet again  take care~ *huGs*

Here's a very special song that a friend of mine Ayesha Aqilah posted on her fb wall~
I'd really2 love to dedicate this song to me dearest fiancee, dinie rifdi~

I dont mind your odd behavior
Its the very thing I love
If you were an ice cream flavor
You would be my favorite one

Oh,I´ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
Its not about your scars
Its all about your heart


aainaa syaiirah said...

kak aimi! u r so gorgeous and sweet.. blog kak aimi awesome sb penuh dgn kate2 semangat dan positive. i like it :) and dinie rifdi is very lucky to have u as his fiancee and future wife. May Allah SWT bless both u.. n happy selalu yea.. =)

Kekucings said...

assalamualaikum kakak Aimie yg sgt gorgeous ~sy sukaaaaaaaaa sgt entry kakak...bagi saya smgt utk happy utk hari2 seterusnya :) akk mmg selayaknya dpt 'pasagn' mcm gambr di ats..sbb baik-sama2 baik, & cantik sama padan ~~hopefully akk bahagia selamanya & dimurahkan rezeki...aaamin >.<

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* aainaa syaiirah:

aainaa dear, sorry kak aimie have not yet replied your pm at fb~ :) been caught up with the upcoming exam~ forgive me dear..? nnti once it's done, kita go out on a date nk aainaa..? :) <3 *InsyaALLAH* if aainaa sudi~

thank you for all your kind & sweet prayers dear~ but then, kak aimie nie biasa sgt2~ tak lawa mane pun tau~ :)

Alhamdulillah, thank you for appreciating what kak aimie have shared inside my blog~ it truly means a lot to kak aimie knowing that you love it~ :) Alhamdulillah~

Actually kn aainaa, kak aimie yg rase lucky to have abg dinie as my future husband because i never thought that i would be able to find a man like him~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ :)

Kak Aimie pun nk doakn that may all the happiness in this lifetime & hereafter will always be with u~ :) *aMeeN* huGs* May HIS blessing be with you always too sweetie~ :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Kekucings:

Wa'alaikumussalam Syuhada.. :)

SubhanALLAH~ kakak nk menangis boleh dear..? :) *terharu sgt2* sob2* seriously kakak tak sangka Syuhada akan take ur precious time in writing something very2 beautiful~

MasyaALLAH~ kakak start follow pun sbb Syuhada byk mengingat kn kita suma utk sentiasa lebih dekat & pentingkn ALLAH swt dlm apa keadaan~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ that is the kind of writing that we need to read more sbb InsyaALLAH bila baca kita akan sentiasa ingin berubah (berjihad)~

kakak suka baca post: kenapa haruS aku hadapi ni smua... sbb bg kakak, dr situ, boleh nampak yg Syuhada sorg yg tabah even though diuji oleh ALLAH~ Alhamdulillah~ kakak pray that all the courage, strength & wisdom will always be with you dear~

Alhamdulillah sgt2~ kakak rase sgt2 honored that entry kakak dpt beri semangat to syuhada~ :) InsyaALLAH, dgn izinNYA, kakak harap kakak akan dpt terus share with everyone the lesson of life that kakak have learnt~ InsyaALLAH ~

tapi dear, kakak nie tak gorgeous pun~ Alhamdulillah, kakak nie ciptaan ALLAH yg biasa shj~ :)

InsyaALLAH, kakak doakan that Syuhada pun will always be happy with all your love ones~ & May you achieve all your dreams~ *aMeeN*

Alhamdulillah, kakak bersyukur sgt2 that ALLAH gave abg dinie as future husband kakak *InsyaALLAH* :)

Take Care always & be the strong woman that you are dear~ *huGs* :)

bella dela rosa said...

cantk la gambar yang baju biru tu.baju biru tu pon cantikk jugak.

kakak,menangis nak tulis comment sebab kena ade verification words sobb

aainaa syaiirah said...

aww.. kak Aimie.. hugs* tq kak Aimie.. u r a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart.. yes u are.. :)
it's ok kak Aimie.. i'll wait for u.. :) gdluck tau kak Aimie for d exam.. smoga kak Aimie berjaya dapat A+ utk sume paper.. amin* nt insyaallah kte jp.. x sabar rasa ye nk jp kak Aimie.. hehe! take care kak Aimie.. all the best! :) hugs*