سبحان الله

Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Sorry IF I might Seem A lil bit too excited here but then who wouldn't
when you find out that there are people out there who truly appreciates
you for who you are~ I am very grateful to ALLAH for giving me the
opportunity to come across these special people whom have touched
my heart so deeply~ :) Alhamdulillah~

When I first started blogging, a dear lady name Bella Dela Rosa wrote 
a piece of article with the title "beauty lady from the internal side" that 
brought tears to my eyes~ who would've thought that a stranger who 
knows not much about us could truly appreciate us by what we share 
with them~ MasyaALLAH~ :)

Recently I have stumbled upon another amazing person who took her
precious time in dedicating a very sweet post I sincerely don't feel
that i deserve any bit of those kind words~ BUT, ALHAMDULILLAH, I 
truly appreciate her effort. Nur Syuhada Abu Hassan dear, my deepest
sincere thank you goes to you sweetie~ Only Allah swt can ever repay
 your kindness~ :) *InsyaALLAH* May HIS Blessings be with u both 
great ladies always~ :)

May Allah keep you both cheerful always
dear Bella & Syuhada~ :)


Nurulbadiah Lai said...

heart this..
tibe2 rase bergenang lak baca apa yg dye tulis..


Kekucings said...

my pretty kak Aimie ~~ ala....malu la saya...'luahan hati' saya akk sebut kat sini...hehe :)tapi secara x sgaja, mmg saya ikhlas luah ape yg saya rasa mgnai akk la..hehe...saya suka sgt2 kata2 kak Aimie yg sgt positif, & motivation tu...very nice person la akk, slalu 'bersangka baik' dgn org lain, walaupun dlm masa yg sama still beware dgn org lain..hehe..susah sbnrnya nak jadi mcm kak Aimie :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Nurulbadiah Lai...

Alhamdulillah~ :) Aimie pun sgt2 touched by All the kind & sweet words that syuhada wrote, they really did brought tears to my eyes the first time when I read our dearest Syuhada's post~ :) *subhanALLAH*

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Kekucings...

My dear sweet Syuhada~ sorry if kak aimie print screen & then posted here in kak aimie punya blog withouth syuhada punya permission~ :) maafkn akak pls..? :)

Kak aimie honestly was truly touched by all ur sweet words & the main reason kak aimie posted about it was so that other people will start noticing how wonderful all your other blog posts are dear :) Alhamdulillah~ keep up the good writing sweetie~

kak aimie tak perfect syg~ :) sbb kak aimie nie manusia, sama mcm suma org~ ada kalanya kak aimie akan rase down sgt2~ but then, kak aimie believe in 1 thing, it's okiey to sometimes let ourselves indulge in that feeling but not for too long because if we prolong our sadness or sorrow, it might end up over-powering us & making us become a negative person~

Macam yg Syhada selalu nasihat tue is actually2 very2 good~ sebab mmg hanya dgn Ayat Al-Quran & sentiasa mmperingati ALLAH kita dpt jadi kuat blk kn dear..? :) thank you sbb selalu beri kesedaran tue to us all~ masyaALLAH~

Kekucings said...

kak Aimie syg x kisah pon suka menulis ni semua bkn la niat utk tatapan org ramai...atau nak expose ke ape bila tulis ni semua, saya seronok sebab dapat luah sesuatu straight from my heart....bkn semua 'benda' kita blh cakap and luah melalui lisan kan, akk....seriously my pretty kak Aimie...saya got 1 kesedihan yg agk besar dalam hidup...tapi bila saya baca blog Bella & akak, saya rasa smakin b'smgt & tahu betapa pentingnya kita jadi manusia positif..supaya effectnya, kita sentiasa 'dapat' kebahagiaan dlm hidup..both ov u, kak Aimie & Bella mmg my idole...cntik & sgt baik orgnya ~~:)