♥ ~ Good..Good Life ~ ♥

Picture credits to my dear beautiful Bella Dela Rosa~ :) 
Our very first official date~
I'd say it was definitely love at first sight~ :)

No dear ones, I am not talking about my love life but 
rather friendship love~ Hey, it is after all a special form 
of love gifted from Allah as well ain't it..? :)

Please do try continue reading with the above song played.
hehe. I don't know why but this song was stuck in my head 
while I was writing this entry~ :)

The day started of by me picking up these 2 beautiful princesses
from the KL Central~ From there we went off to The Curve or to
be exact to The Cineleisure to watch the movie that we've booked
prior the day~ Btw, Monte Carlo is definitely worth watching~ :)
While waiting for the movie to start we (or more like me alone) was 
very starving already by that time~ hehe. So, we decided to have our 
lunch at the Gardens while waiting~ :) a very fine restaurant to dine
in with family & friends~ :)
After finished watching the movie, we started to sought for things which
would help end our cravings~ So, we drove over to One Utama to seek 
for Serai but unfortunately there wasn't any Serai there *my bad* hehe.
Instead, I recommended them to try out churos~ The very first time that 
I tried Churos was during my first visit to Australia years ago~ We also 
bought the macarons at that shop since it has a very delicate & rare 
flavour such as hazelnut pareline *aza's fav*~ :)
We then took off to The Empire Gallery because the three was very
sure that Serai is definitely available there at The Empire Mall~ :)

& this was what the 3 of us was CRAVING for :)
mixed berry pavlova

*NYUM2* :)

 It was such a coincidence that My dear bella & I wore the same theme colors~
We really2 did not plan what to wear what more so that we'd wear the
exact same colors~ hehe. But then again, I guess this is what chemistry
does to us~ It sends us these vibes that sort of alert our instincts 
I suppose. hehe :)

Knowing her has always been a blessing in disguise~ Getting the opportunity to meet up
with this beautiful lady was like a dream come true~ :) I'm serious, I have been meaning
& really2 looking forward to meet this amazing lady right from our first hello~ :)

What I can say about our dear Bella Dela Rosa is that she is much beautiful in person~
Inner & outer~ I just love her warm characteristics that made me felt welcome & really2
loved~ I really adore her clear smooth skin & she was very kind in sharing with Aza &
I the products that she uses~ *blessed* :) BUT, what I love MOST about her is how she
has her ways in making me brave enough to try out new hijab styles~ :) *I am sure many 
of you might be laughing at this, but it's true* She was the person who made me felt
confident in changing my hijab style because I have been meaning to do so but then I have
never had the courage~ Alhamdulillah, thank you Bella for helping kakak with this~ :)

Our dear Aza is very a very fun, soft-spoken, sweet & pretty lady~
Alhamdulillah, I really2 am grateful that she actually said yes to
going out on a date with me~ *bLusH* who would've thought that
 this famous model would be so humble & kind enough to go out with
a normal girl like me~ :) thank You Aza dear~

Hanging out with these 2 beautiful ladies who are actually much younger
than me truly made me felt years younger than my true age~ :) They both
made me believe that true friendships are able to blossom from such social
networking websites such as Blogspots & Facebook. I truly feel honored
to be given the chance to know them & for them to spare their precious time
to hang out with me~ :) ALHAMDULILLAH~

I truly pray that the friendship that I share with them & many
others that I have in my life will last till eternity~ *InsyaALLAH* :)

till then, here's a smile from each 1 of us for all you beautiful ladies
out there~ :) Never forget to put a smile on your for you shall definitely
look more beautiful & confident if you do SMILE~ :)

Take Care dear Ones~ :) *huGs*
Have a Great day ahead of you~ :)


Anonymous said...

i wish that i can meet bella some days.. really admire her..the way u describe her make me fall in love with her more and more even though i don't know her and never talk with her.... i hope that she will reply me but i don't expect much.. have been added her in fb for ages but she doesn't accept me.. to dear bella, nice to know you.. take care!

lots of <3,

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

akak , suke tgk akak pakai tdung tuh , sy tak jadi pakai mcm akak ,

btw , i emailed you before b'cz im interested on buying ur satin shawl from turkey rite , but i dont know samaada akak ade receive my email or not , sbb sy tak dpt ur reply la kak ~

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Anonymous:
Alhamdulillah she is~ :) But I personally think u shouldn't name yourself Anonymous if you are a true gentleman~ :) write ur real name so that she would know & start noticing u~ *well, it's just my 2cents*

* Anis izyan Abd Rahman:
it took akak a LOT of practice baru jadi tau dear~ :) akak pun tak reti sgt actually~ hehe :)

ye ke..? akak rase akak dah reply to all the emails~ :) try send back an email but to this address:)

Anonymous said...

dear aimie.. i choose to be anonymous because i feel more comfortable. anyway, i'm a female.. :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Anonymous:
*wow* I am kinda surprised here actually~ :) hehe. I really2 thought that u are actually a man~ because our dear bella actually has a lot admirers~ So, i assumed that u're 1 of the man that admires her~ sorry dear, my bad~ :)

Kekucings said...

cantik banget kak aimie & adik2 u ~~hehe...bukan senang nak jadi macam akk, Bella, & Azar :) ...cntik inner & outer..always happy~~but in the same time, still jaga adab & agama, & menutup aurat >.<

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Kekucings:

kakak nie tak de laa baek or chantek sgt mcm our dear bella & azar~ :)

tapi, InsyaALLAH.. kakak akan try to constantly improve myself for ALLAH swt~ sbb sebagai hambaNYA yg penuh dgn kekurangan, kakak sedar that kakak still have a lot of things to learn & improved :)

selagi ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan kn..? :) kakak rase awak pun boleh become as good as our dear bella & azar if kita sentiasa try to become a better person than whom we were yesterday~ :) InsyaALLAH boleh dear~ <3 kakak believe in u~ :)

bella dela rosa said...

hye there anonymous.:))i take that as compliment,can i?

first of all,since actually ive been haunted with anonymous declaring sometimes i tot as a guy but he claim that she is a girl BUT unfortunately HE is a ya know sort of like confusing and at last i ignore both sebab takut.;p.well,kalau u want to lie pon,bukan dosa i.:)

kakak aimie previous entry and might say all entry about me ada anonymous,is that you,the same person?if that so,pleasee reveal yourself,as far as im concern, i dont bite:)

Alhamdulillah setakat ni i tak pernah lagi dapat anonymous yang jatuhkan i.*terharu*.sorry sebab ive i think almost 1000 friend request and i tak pernah tengok pon,my bad eheh.or u can inbox me worries i cant detect which one is u since i receive many inbox msg per day(bukan untuk berlagak),tapi if u taknak i tau la which one is u.;p.

if u are a girl tau sweetie,but if u are a guy,sorry sangat2 i tak pernah baca inbox lelaki.:)

sorry ive to take precaution steps ;0.


greenailin said...

tiga2 comel dan cantik.....nak like banyak2 kali bley......he

Nanie Hussin said...

yey! you all have date already! much love all the sweet pictures.

oh yes Aimie, I do agree with you. tak sangka kan through social networking kita dpt kenal kawan2 baru.then become closer and be our good friend. I've experienced it too.. :)

nawariah :) said...

salam kak aimie , i hope to see you and kak bella suatu hari nanti . saya memang suka tengok kak aimie dan kak bella bersama sama macam tu . saya sangat teringin nak ada kakak mcm kalian berdua :)

Liana said...

my my, all of you are so gorgeous! Appreciate Allah's gift and use it for goodness.. may Allah guide all towards becoming muslimah solehahs.. =)


the 3 gorgeous. sgt manis dan cantik. love to see all of u!
well, happy fasting sis:)