♥ ~*PRAY & Make DOA*~ ♥

On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.
It gets everything that it earns & upon it is everything that it reaps.

(pray):"Our Rabb, Condemn us not is we forget or fall into error.
Our Rabbi Lay not us a burder like that which You laid on those before us.
Our Rabbi Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear.
Pardon us. And grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our 
Protector. Grant us victory over the unbelievers.

(Surah Al Baqarah: 285-286)

When ever we're feeling sad & nothing seems to be working or turning out 
the way we hoped for, always remember that Allah swt is ALWAYS there 
for us~ through the good & bad times, HE is ALWAYS there by our side~

When we pray, it'll help push all the negative thoughts away~ 
& pull the positive energies towards us to gain the strength that 
we need to face ANYTHING in our life~ :) 

So, never forget to Pray & Make DOA to HIM.. 
ALLAH the Al-Mighty~ For HE hears us~ 

I am about to face one of the most important battles in my life~
Praying that it shall all turn out well~ May Allah swt give me the
courage, patience, strength, wisdom & all the goodness to handle
this battle of mine~ *InsyaALLAH*

Do help pray for me please dear ones~ As each & 
everyone of your prayers would mean the world to me~ :)

Once I am done with this battle, I was thinking of making
my very first v-log~ However, I'd like it if you dear ones 
 would be able to help me decide with what I should talk 
about~ :) Perhaps a topic that you want me to share..? 
or Anything.. it is ALL up to you~ :)

*I might not be able to reply all your beautiful comments for the time-being
BUT I promise to each 1 of you that I shall take the time to personally reply 
to each 1 of it once I am done with my battle~ *InsyaALLAH* Hope that's 
okiey with all of you sweeties~ :) 

p/s: Don't forget to stay positive, always SMILE 
& be strong okiey my dear loves..? :) *huGs*

~Take Care~


Miss SH said...

you're so cute :)

Lya_lyanna said...

good luck sis...Allah did not promise that the way would be easy...but HE promise that HE will be there when you need HIM..=)everything is gonna be fine.. InsyaALLAH..=)

Cik Puan Mimi said...

ur blog really make me motivate myselft. Alhamdulillah.dalam kita sebok seharian, jgan lupa berdoa kan.


keep it writing dear.

PiNky@hEarT said...

only HIM hears us without hesitation.. =)

Nurul Farhana Razali said...

SUBHANALLAH...cantiknya sis aimie..1st time visit ur blog,da trus jatuh d way u write ur story n all d +ve advices...tringin sgt nk jadi cam sis..cantik luar dalam..untung ur fiance dpt sis...smoga brkekalan hgga ke akhir hayat yer..=)