~Please Don't~

Have You ever had that 1 pimple that 
comes up out of no where, So HUGE & Red.

No matter how hard we try to be optimism
& not think about it but it's difficult :)

Especially when:

1st Scenario:
There are some people who comes up to us & ask us,
"EH, how come there's a pimple there..??"
"When Will it go away..?"

So, what kind of answers does that person expect to hear from us..? 
Because honestly, even though there are thousands of REASONS
why pimple can grow, BUT no one will EVER be able to answer for
certain, WHY it's there & when exactly it will heal.

The cause of pimples is unknown. 
The process by which a pimple develops is highly intricate. 
While we do know that a pore collapses on itself and blocks 
sebum (oil) from escaping, we do not fully understand why this 
process takes place in one sebaceous gland versus another.

Causes of adult acne and teen acne may include:
1. Hormones

The process by which a pimple develops is exceedingly complex. What we know is that a pore collapses on itself and blocks the sebaceous gland. People with acne are particularly receptive to a hormone called Testosterone; this hormone is found in both men and women. (source)

2. Our Diet

3. Evolutionary Biology 

4. Vitamins Deficiency

Shortage of substance (as vitamins) necessary to health.


& many others

The real explanation may be a complex mix of many of these factors.

2nd Scenario:

People keep telling us & pointing out that
we have that 1 pimple on our face.
Sometimes it just makes us feel like telling them
"YES, dear.. We are very Much AWARE of the
EXISTENCE of that pimple on our face".

Frankly speaking, from my observation it is normal for
us humans to at times get pimples. After all, we're not 
perfect. How ever, there are some who are truly lucky, 
that has never gotten any pimples at all in their entire life~

Acne is more common in the age group of 13 - 30 years 
but it may occur or persist even beyond this age limit. 
Males are more frequently affected than females due to 
androgen activity. Females may get a pre-menstrual flare 
due to the increase in level of a hormone called Progesterone.

Personally, I have ALWAYS felt that such actions
mentioned above are just truly insensitive & pure rude.

Because honestly, pimples does give side effects to our
confidence & self-esteem level (at least to most of us).
It is bad enough that, we feel uncomfortable with our
own skin, hence we really would appreciate
if it is not mentioned.

According to the AcneCenter, The most widespread and 
tragic thing about acne is the psychological problems that 
are caused by acne. Acne almost always causes a decrease 
in the self-esteem, confidence, and body image of individuals.

What are the 'Do's and Dont's 
in treatment of acne ?

1. Wash your face with an anti-bacterial soap at least 3-4 times a day.

2. Increase the intake of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes, 
lime and lemon and other food stuff which are high in vitamin C and zinc.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Do not pick or squeeze the pimples as this causes
 infection, pigmentation and scarring.

5. Avoid the use of oily cosmetics, cleansing milk and gels.
6. Do not apply excessive hair oil if you have acne over the forehead.
7. Avoid stress factors.
8. Be patient and give medicines some time to act. 
You may have to take antibiotics for 8 - 10 weeks.

No matter what people say, Always
REMEMBER that pimple(s) is NEVER
the measurement of WHO we are.

There is ALWAYS hope for the pimple(s)
to go away~ Because Personally, my skin 
condition was never like how it is right now~ :)
BUT, ALHAMDULILLAH due to all the 
efforts & patience, It has now recovered.

I can't deny that I do get pimples at times BUT
then, that always just reminds us of HOW YOUNG
WE STILL ARE, so.. instead of feeling sad about it,
we should actually feel thankful because it just 
proves that we're always a teenager at heart~ :) 

SO.. Who ever said that We're not beautiful just 
because we don't have smooth flawless skin..
I'd Highly recommend them to go check their eyes~ 

My dear readers, Always REMEMBER that ALLAH swt
has created EACH & EVERYONE of us to be beautiful 
& UNIQUE in our very own ways~ :)

Thus, NEVER EVER allow ANYONE or any pimples
to pull our confidence, self-esteem level & spirit down.

Because YOU ARE SPECIAL my dear ones

Here's a song dedicated to each one of you~
Hope you'll enjoy it~ :)

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