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bella dela rosa said...

kakak!please update ASAP.heee

Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

wah wahh.. beautiful girl meet another beautiful lady... cepat k.aimie update the suprise.. hehee

✿ boonga_kecik ✿ said...

love ur blouse. cntek laa

aiko kato said...

i was there jupe ur blog..nice blog u hav...n congrats on ur engagement!!

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

thank u for the kind support Love love LOVE u soo MuCh dear *hUgs*

Aten patut tgk hana in person~ SubhanALLAH, she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful tau~ :) jauuhh beze dgn kak aimie yg biasa je nie syg~ :)

✿ boonga_kecik ✿
Alhamdulillah~ bought them at a small shop in One Utama~ :)

aiko kato:
Thank u dear for the warm wish~ :) the event was lovely sgt2 kn..? U went there at 12pm jgk eh..? hehe.