♥ Cake Anyone..? :) ♥

 Mama Always remind me,"Aimie, What ever that we do in life..Always take 1
step at a time because nothing in life comes easy. If we rush into things, then
there's a possibility that we might lose that thing much easier than how we
gained it in the 1st place."

I personally believe that LIFE..
is so much like a Huge CAKE :)

WHY..? :)
 Because when we bake a cake, we decide the flavors, ingredients
& how we want to decorate our cake~
In life, we're so much like that. We decide what & how we want things to
be done into our life. But, Have you ever noticed how a cake is baked..? :)

The process of baking a cake takes time, requires a lot of effort & patience~
Without it, our cake will end up either not tasting right or might even actually
turn out looking 'not so much like a cake' hehe.

You see, to bake a cake it requires a lot of steps that needs to be taken one
step at a time. We can't expect to just dump in EVERYTHING inside & in
hope that it'll straight away turn out to be a very delicious cake~

Sadly, that's not the way my dear~ :) hehe. Don't believe me.. ? You may
click Here or Here to view the step by steps of how to bake a cake~ :)
See, didn't I told ya already..? hehe.
Well, everything in our life needs to be done in a proper manner as well. ALL the things
that we do takes time & needs to be done slowly, one step at a time~ PLANNING~
First & foremost we need to prioritize what's important to us, by doing so we are able 
to concentrate & deal with those matters before we actually deal with the other things 
in our life. Even when eating a cake we need to take 1 slice at a time~ 
Only then, we shall be able to enjoy & fully taste our delicious cake~ :)
This reflects how we should Deal with our dilemmas & problems in life~
If those dilemmas & problems of ours were to be made into a cake view,
then it'll look somewhat like this picture below:~ 

Notice how those cakes are actually in pieces of it's own..? :)
Well my dear, life's dilemmas & problems are just like that~
It is us humans that always make them look more complicated 
than it actually is. The truth is, nothing is actually as complicated 
as we think they are.. if only we are able to see those problems 
as it's own & try to solve them one at a time~ :)
Instead of viewing those dilemmas & problems of ours as a burden to us all, try 
seeing it as something that will help build us & make us into the wonderful person 
who we're meant to be~ Hence, let us start decorating our life & make full use 
of those dilemmas & problems to gain new experiences & knowledge~ :)
So long as we believe in ourselves & our Creator~
Don't be afraid to make decisions~ :) For HE is 
always there to guide us to the right path~ :)

At the end of the day, all our efforts that we've put 
into everything that we do counts & will pay off~ :) 
So, remember.. We are our very own baker in our life. People may tell us how
& what to do BUT then in the end we are the ones who decide & execute the
decisions WE'VE MADE~ :)
SO, Let us become a creative baker who's patient
& wise in making decisions~ :) *InsyaALLAH*

GooD LuCK dear ones in everything that you do~ :)
Thank u to my dearest charming brother Muhammad Adib
for dedicating this song to me on facebook~ :) Sayang awak~


Neeja Ami said...

nice 1 :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Neeja Ami:
thank you dear~ :) <3