~ time after time ~

In our busy daily life,
We tend to take things & especially People
 around us for Granted.

♥ My Heart 
My Family~
MIA: Muhammad Arif..My brother's who's in UK

Most of the time,
we don't even realize how things have CHANGED so QUICK.
We'd question ourselves, where were we all these while.

we NEED to just take a break from 
our hectic life to look around us
so that we won't miss those important details.

I've learnt that..
Taking life slowly is MUCH2 more better
than rushing things & end up
missing so MANY important events
in our life with our Love Ones

Appreciate those moments when
our love ones are still around
because we will never know
when it'll be the last time
that we'd get to see their smile :)


SheQueen Ahmad said...

sweet sweet sweet

Cik Puan Mimi said...

alolo.comei nye sume~~~
congrats on your engagement aimi =)