~The Most Beautiful & Exclusive Birthday Gift Ever~

Each & Everyone of us was given by ALLAH swt
different types of parents.
They are specially Unique in their very own ways
in bringing up their children.

to be blessed with the set of parents that I have.

Despite how naughty I was as a lil kid,
they still L.O.V.E me ENDLESSLY.
That is why in Islam, 
we are asked to love & respect our parents

Expectations of parents with regard to their children are towering. 
And it would make them extremely happy if their hopes become reality..

A child who has achieved this is a pleasure to behold; 
one who gladdens the heart of his parents, 
and like a child who is mentioned in the following Du’a (supplication):

O our Sustainer (Allah - the Creator)! 
Grant that our spouse and our offsprings be a joy to our eyes, 
and cause us to be foremost among 
those who are conscious of thee! (Qur’an, 25/74)

If the child has made a failure in one's life, 
and has led a life abound with sins, 
one should make a conscious effort to return to the Right Path. 
one should seek repentance from Allah. 
one should strive to make amends and 
should not cause one's parents any further grief and unhappiness. 

So.. When I Got this deeply Meaningful 
& sweet text msg from my Papa,
It truly Mean the world to me :)

& YES..

It made me burst into tears.
Who wouldn't~ 

After reading my papa's text msg,
It made me realize how time has really2 fly~

I am no longer the spoiled brat that I was back then
*okiey, maybe a lil* 

BUT nevertheless, 
I will always be my Papa's lil baby
That's FOR SURE :)

♥ Aimie Sayang Sangat2 Papa 


JaSmIn said...

auwww!! en halim so romantic.... bolehh?? ;)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

Kak Min:
Alhamdulillah~ Aimie pun sendiri tak penah tau this side of papa~ selalun nya papa kn serious je. bila dpt such sms from papa kn, seriously rase syg sgt2 papa & sgt2 terHaru~ :D