♥ ~Blessed~ Alhamdulillah~ ♥

Birthdays aren't about growing older 
BUT growing to know how the people around you 
are grateful that you are still here with them *Alhamdulillah* ♥
Picture credits to Miss Zaireen Syazwani

I have always believed that
The Most Precious form of gift from ALLAH swt would be..


this includes the LOVE between families, friends, spouses
& ALL the form of LOVE that one can ever think of.

*SubhanALLAH* I really2 do feel blessed 
to be surrounded by so many 
Beautiful, Loving & Wonderful people in my life :)

A million Zillion THANK YOU I wish
 to EACH 1 of you dear ones for all the thoughtful Wishes. 
May GOD (Allah swt) Bless You ALWAYS~ ♥ HuGs ♥ :)

Only God (Allah swt) knows how MUCH
I really2 do appreciate & am grateful to have
 EACH 1 of yOu in my life
whom I LOVE & LOVES me Back :)

Thank YOU ALLAH for Blessing me with such 

I am truly sorry if I have not been able to personally reply 
to EACH one of the warm birthday wishes~ 
InsyaALLAH will try to do so once I get the chance~

 ♥ Love  ♥,

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