♥ FoY's: Hijab Tutorial IV :) ♥

As'salammualaikum Sweethearts :)

My sincere apology for the really2 long silence dear loves~ :D This is the basic everyday hijab style that I have been wearing thus so far dear ones :) A style that I came up on my own~ :) I made this video upon the request of many of you sweethearts (especially from my Instagram) hehe.. Yes, I now have an Instagram profile sweeties. Hope it may benefit each 1 of you sweethearts :)

Youtube link

Simply Modest-

*Good LuCk & Have Fun Trying out this Style* :) I am truly sorry for anything that was lacking or wrong in this video~ :) Sorry also for the super duper delay~ forgive me please sweethearts ♥ ♥ :) I will soon In Shaa ALLAH post a picture tutorial here & as well as at my Instagram dear loves :)

Till we meet again for the 5th tutorial~ Stay Tuned & Take Care dear ones~ :) *huGs*


eZmALiZa said...

finally i found how kak aimi wearing her hijab :)

much lovely! :)

Alina Lee said...

Salam kak Aimie, if you don't know mw, then I actually have PM you in FB,

mind taking a look at my stories, will appreciate :)