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As'salammualaikum Dear Loves :)

I know that when ALLAH swt gives us any form of obstacles in life, it might be sent to challenge us or to just simply test some part of us. I am also aware dear ones that when ALLAH challenges us, it means that HE loves us and wants us to improve and become a better person than who we currently are.. But..most of the time, the main purpose of HIM sending those obstacles to us is so that we'd constantly remember HIM and realise that in life we need no one else more than we need HIM to guide us through our journey here on earth which is just a temporary pathway before we proceed to the other realm that would last forever; Al-Akhirah.
I am currently faced with a few tests in this journey of mine. Being said that, I know that HE is challenging me right now with these obstacles because HE loves me and wants me to become a better muslimah *Insha'ALLAH* Thus, I know that the only way for me to get through ALL these is by geting CLOSER to HIM :)

However, one thing that really made me feel a LOT better was by talking with my mama. Also another means for me to feel at ease is by constantly going through and reminding myself the promises that ALLAH swt has written inside the Surah Ad-Dhuha (93). 
Please allow me to share with all you sweethearts one part of the Surah Ad-Dhuha (93) that Insha'ALLAH will help us learn, understand & be able to feel more at peace with ourself, the challenges and everything else around us :) 

Before I leave you with these meaningful promises by ALLAH swt, let me just conclude my post by reminding us all *especially myself* that 'We humans might be able to plan for what we want and think might be for the betterment.. but it is ONLY HIM who knows what's best for us all & at times, what we think might be the best for us, however it might not actually be what we really need as HE always has a BETTER plan installed for each one of us all that is kept a secret until the right time comes for it to be revealed :) *Insha'ALLAH* :) 

(93:4) Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by. *4
*4 This good news was given by Allah to the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) in a state when he had only a handful of Muslims with him, the entire nation was hostile and there was no remote chance of success even. The candle of lslam was flickering only in Makkah and storms were brewing all around to blow it out. At that juncture Allah said to His Prophet "Do not at all grieve at the hardships of the initial stage: every later period of life will be better for you than the former period. Your power and glory, your honour and prestige, will go on enhancing and your influence will go on spreading. This promise is not only confined to the world, but it also includes the promise that the rank and. position you will be granted in the Hereafter will be far higher and nobler than the rank and position you attain in the world. " Tabarani in A wsat and Baihaqi in Ad-dala il have related, on the authority of Ibn `Abbas .that the Holy Prophet said: "All the victories which would be attained by my Ummah after me, were presented before me. This pleased me much. Then, Allah sent down this Word, saying: 'The Hereafter is fat better for you than the world'." 

(93:5) Verily your Lord will soon give you so amply that you will be well-pleased. *5
*5 That is "Although it will take some time, yet the time is not far when your Lord will bless you with so much that you will be well pleased "This promise was fulfilled during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet and all Arabia, from the southern coasts to the Syrian frontiers of the Byzantine empire and the Iraqi frontiers of the Persian empire in the north, and from the Persian Gulf in the east to the Red Sea in the west, carne under his control. For the first time in the history of Arabia this land became subject to one law and rule. Whichever power clashed with it was doomed to destruction. The slogan La ilaha ill-allah-u Muhammad ur-Rasul-Allah reverberated throughout the land where the polytheists and the followers of the earlier scriptures had tried their utmost to keep their false creeds and slogans aloft till the last. 

The people not only bowed their heads in obedience, their hearts also were conquered, and their .beliefs, morals and acts were revolutionised. There is no precedent in human history that nation sunk in paganism might have completely changed in only 33 years. Then the movement started by the Holy Prophet gathered such power that it spread over a large part of Asia, Africa and Europe and its influence reached every nook and corner of the world. This much Allah gave His Messenger in the world, the glory and extent of what he will give him in the Hereafter cannot be imagined." (Also see E.N. 112 of Surah Ta Ha). 

Till then, take care dear ones :) 

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