As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ : )

I really hope that you've all had a great week so far & that your Friday today will be Blessed by ALLAH swt. To be honest with you sweeties, I've got nothing much to say just a few quotes & sayings that was shared by a few of my dearest friends which in return I would love to share with all you sweethearts~ :) Hence, without wasting much of your precious time I really hope that these quotes & sayings below might actually help us all in some way or another :)

"Make our anger expensive so that no one can afford it & make our kindness & happiness cheap that people can get it easily." :)

"Happiness is a state of mind. How we feel and how we behave is how we think. So just change our thoughts and we will be happy."
"Life is't about winning or losing, it's about constant growth. Achievement, failure and the path to these 2teach us valuable lessons, which contribute to our personal growth. No matter what we do, we grow in one way or another."

" Don't fix the blame; fix the problem." 
" Remain positive despite people's negativeness. It is easy to sink down to their level; it is harder and requires much more willpower to separate ourself from the people trying to put us down and try to bring them up. We possess the power to have a positive effect on everyone we meet! Don't ever let anyone tell us otherwise!"

" Changing the face can change nothing. But facing the change can change everything. Don't complain about others; change ourself if we want peace."

" Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for us."

" Whenever we are in difficulties, ask our soul but don't ask our mind because our mind will say what we like but our soul will say what is right."

" When we have to pick between two bad decisions, won't matter which one we pick. We will always think that the one we pick was the worst one. But trust me, It's not." :)

" Each decision we make leads us to a different path. Only you know where you wanna go, so make smart choices."

" Everybody has a past. It's what we bring on now that counts."

" We can't do anything to change the fact that something had happened. But we can do something to change the future that is yet to come."
" Life is like a Novel with the end ripped out. So laugh too much, cherish what you have, and don't focus on the past - because you never know when you might stumble across those missing pages."

" Often people focus too much on the arrival at the destination and don't realize that it is the journey they take to get there that is the most important. The journey is where you live, learn, and experience; the destination is just the result of this." :)
" Hurt, wounded, destroyed. These are the words that describe every bad moment in life. But there are only two words to describe all the good ones. Friends & Family. They are always there for us through thick and thin. No matter what, they are always right by our side. When life is at its worst, do they abandon us? NO. They would always be by always our side and help us through it. Friends & Family, the best word in the world."

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