♥ Journey to a beautiful beginning - part 2 :) ♥

Pic edited by Hadi Ali ;)
♥  Alhamdulilah, it was precisely 1 YEAR ago that my dearest fiance & I got engaged.. Believe it or not today; 9th of April 2012 notes precisely 1 year since our engagement ceremony & it is just another 3 *yes, Insha'ALLAH* only 3more months* to go before the very NEXT BIG STAGE :) *phewh* 

♥ Personally I would say that Alhamdulillah, I am very lucky enough to be engaged to a wonderful man like him for a year now~ :) I know that some people would most probably wonder; why wait for so long to get married as many people these days prefer to be engaged for a shorter period of time & yes I am very2 much aware sweethearts that Islam encourages a shorter duration of engagement period. However, I am still grateful for what ALLAH swt has written for me & him as HE knows what's best for us all :) Besides, since we're gonna be engaged only once in our lifetime *Insha'ALLAH* hence, why not just enjoy the journey ;)

This is what happens when the bride&groom-to-be gets all stressed out :P 
♥ I've gotto admite dear ones that being engaged for a year now does have it's perk :) Nevertheless, I still enjoy every moment of my engagement period as I learn more & more amusing facts & details about my soon-to-be-husband than I actually have for the past 5years that I have been with him. Pursuant to that, it makes me feel more anxious & excited about our upcoming wedding *Insha'ALLAH*

♥ Being engaged is slowly teaching me the meaning of respect, patience, tolerance, true love & upholding my responsibilities :) It is slowly encouraging me to become a wiser & mature lady. Alhamdulillah. Howbeit, I realize that I still have a long way to go & that my journey does not stop here, Due to that reason being, I am learning from the mistakes that I have done & take note that I still have got a LOT to learn :)

Wondering why on earth did I choose the song above for this entry sweeties? :) The answer is very simple dear loves~ :) Every one of us Girls, Ladies & Women want to be the 'IT GIRL' to that one man that holds the key to our heart~ Thus with this, I pray that I shall always be your 'IT GIRL' Dinie Rifdi. Forever & Ever. Through all our ups & downs. No matter how rough the situation might be, I would still be there standing beside you to support you just as how you would for me. May the journey to our Beautiful Beginning be at ease & filled with full of Blessings *ameen*

Happy 1 Year Engagemenaversay Sayang :)
Here's a song that I'd love to dedicate to you~
Yes, Your Favourite Song Dinie Rifdi~ :)

Yours Truly ♥ 

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CikZaitul said...

tau tak akak, saya suke bile akk cerita ttg LOVE ..APE saje ttg Love,saya akn bace sambil tersenyum-senyum ,bersyukur ada yg sayang saya..sebab luahan hati akk ttg love ,benar2 membuatkan hati saya tersentuh.. :))