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When Talking about relationship and friendship, we cant deny that sometimes the looks and personalities are some of the factors of attraction. However, often we need something much deeper that'll ensure the bond to be much stronger. That is why I have always believe that the human chemistry is an important factor in differentiating how close and comfortable we'll get with one party compared to another. Have you ever noticed dear ones how sometimes when we're in a new environment or when we get to know a few people at once, there will surely be a person whom it'll be so much easier for us to get closer and comfortable with compared with to the others. Ever wonder why that happens dear ones? :) The answer is very simple sweeties, it's due to the chemistry that we might share with the other person that makes it easier for us to open up to them. In other word, our soul connects :)

Let me give you another simple instant dear love, have you ever felt that it is much easier for you to trust someone that we have just gotten to know and yet it is difficult to even be comfortable around some others whom we might have actually known for a longer period of time? Again, it's the chemistry playing its role there :)

Human chemistry is what I call the kindred spirit connection. Without human chemistry there is no way to build a healthy relationship. You have no common bonding of the mind or soul. Chemistry solidifies the relationship and it has little to nothing to do with physical desire or lust. Physical desire and lust are no more than raw animal instinct. It is the chemistry between two people that causes them to be attracted to each other in the first place, those things in our personality, our character that attracts and complements each other. No matter how physically attractive, sexy, you may be, a jerk is still a jerk. If it swims like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck; it is probably a duck and you can bet your next paycheck on it.

Human chemistry is the foundation that makes a relationship solid, like a rock, even when you have your differences and no two people will always agree all of the time on everything. If the chemistry isn’t there you are not going to relate. It is chemistry that keeps a relationship in balance. It is chemistry that gives us that positive or negative reaction to a person in a crowded room, on an empty street or on the school playground. It is what tells you to stay or to run.

That human chemical reaction to another person, and we are not just talking about animal attraction, raging hormones here; is instead, an attraction based on common beliefs and interest as well as the physical attraction, their appearance and body language, how they speak and their manners, how they respond to others in the same environment, among other character traits. 

It is chemistry that causes you to know whether to approach or move away; whether there is compatibility or danger lurking below the surface. It is that sixth sense that comes into play when you meet someone. It is chemistry that draws you together like a magnet and makes you click, causes you to see each other as kindred spirits. You like each other, have common ground, or you don’t. It is what makes you comfortable around the other person or causes you to keep your distance. 

It is that kindred spirit connection that will put substance in a relationship and make it work. It is this kindred spirit thing that makes it possible for two people to look beyond personal differences and see the whole person, not just the surface stuff. It is what causes the two of you to compliment each other’s personality traits and give the relationship balance. 

*Have you dear sweethearts ever had long term friendships that even after many months all of you go silence, however all of you are still able to pick up from where we left & continue as if nothing had ever changed & appreciate each other more? :) well, Alhamdulillah, I share that friendship with these special people ;) * warda, raudhah, sakina, aliya, izza, nafeesa.

* Throughout my entire life, i have always thought that it'd be difficult for a group of guys & girls to just stay friends & have no special feelings. However, these group of crazily brilliant guys have showed me that friendship between guys & girl can actually exist with all due respect & the best thing is we can talk & laugh about anything in this world feeling very much connected with one another :) because of that, i truly treasure the beautiful friendship that I share with them ;) I feel truly blessed to have known these bunch of wonderful people as they are like my personal daily vitamins. Each time when I hang out with them, I'd feel all energized back again & some how would lose track of time when ever I am around them~ :) Insha'ALLAH, they'll always try to be there for you when ever you need them provided of course if it's within their means~ ;) Alhamdulillah, they have help me a LOT with my wedding preparations~ :D *thank you guys*

* On the other hand, these New found friends whom some seem to connect to our soul more deeply if compared to others while others are still dear to the heart~ it's NOT the matter of being choosy & such, however when it comes to the matter of the heart it is something that no one can describe. Like for myself, I must admite that I am much MUCH more comfortable to be around some if compared to others maybe because it's easier for our souls to connect~ & I am normally a very laid back person. I rather be friends with those whom are honest even if when sometimes the truth may hurt as I have always believed that HONESTY, SINCERITY & understanding are some of the MOST important values in life :)

You can’t mix oil and water and have them blend. It may blend for a little while, under pressure, but they will eventually separate, each unto itself and each will flow its own separate way. Both have valuable qualities but the chemistry is not there to form a bond and cause them to truly blend and be as one. Without the right chemistry you cannot have the bond that will make a lasting relationship with another person. No matter how physically attractive another person may appear, if the chemistry isn’t there you will never develop a bond of true friendship and if you cannot be true friends you can never be truly in love.

Remember dear loves Islam has also mentioned to choose whom we get close to, for our circle of friends can actually reflect who we truly are within. Thus pursuant to that choose wisely, for our friends will indirectly influence us in some way or another :)

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