♥ Journey to a beautiful beginning - part 1 :) ♥

As'Salammualaikum Dear Loves~ :)

I know that it's been a while now since I've actually written something here~ I truly apologize for the long silence sweethearts~ Alhamdulillah, life has been great so far~ I am starting to adapt myself with my new life as a working lady as well as being a part time student~ It can honestly get a lil bit tiring at times how ever, I personally would say that I am actually enjoying every single bit of my new experiences & challenges~ You know what I always believe dear loves, life would be no fun at all without those lil hiccups & I now strongly understand why ALLAH swt has put me where I am today :) *Masha'ALLAH* Thank YOU O'ALLAH* :)

For those who are already aware, I am actually in the midst of preparing for my very special BIG Day. If there's 1 MAJOR lesson that I have learnt to realize from a very2 wise lady recently name Ms. D would be that marriage is NOT just about the 2couples who are tying the knot, however it is more about uniting the 2families who may & normally do come from different background, believes and preferences. Thus, due to all these factors we need to ALWAYS bare in mind that the basic rule to a beautiful & peaceful marriage is obtaining the blessings from both sides of family. Being said that, this clearly shows that us brides & grooms-to-be need to learn to accept the fact that there might be some matters that may not go our way however, always note that this is actually ALLAH's plans for HE has already decided what is best for us ALL~ :) 
The Beautiful Ms. Dina :)

Believe it or not dear loves, MOST of the time what does not go our way would actually turn out to be much more harmonize & holds a much deeper meaning~ :) *Insha'ALLAH* Hence when things don't go our way, why waste our muscles to frown as frowning actually uses more muscles & it is 1 of the causes to wrinkles, instead Smile & Be THANKFUL to ALLAH that HE has written something as beautifully special & meaningful as how it is~ :) ALHAMDULILLAH~ :)

Life indeed can sometimes get difficult dear ones & yes tiring as well but then if we take things slowly and be sure to separate what is important, Insha'ALLAH we'll actually enjoy the ride~ I recently learnt that if we know how to priotize what's important to us and tackle it first, then Insha'ALLAH we'll be able to manage our life better~ :) The crucial essence to a happy life is NOT to fret upon small / insignificant matters that are just not worth our time and energy. Instead, concentrate on those which are actually relevant and holds a significant value in our life~ :) Insha'ALLAH, with that we will all have a better managed life. Planning and Juggling should always come in hand in managing our journey of life~ :)

I can't deny that my wedding preparation is actually 1 of the major factors why I am hardly online these days * name it* hehe :) However, I honestly do still keep myself updated with the current happenings of all my dearest sweethearts~ :) Normally, during lunch time If I do actually have some free time to spare then, by all means I'll take the time to browse through all my dearest sweetheart's blogs or facebook pages~ :) *yes, call me the new stalker* hehe..*kidding*  Alhamdulillah, I am always happy to see when my dearest friends are all happy~ :D Thus, before I go further I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize if ever I had unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings by not replying to any of the comments may it be through facebook, blog-post & etc~ :) I really had NO intention to ignore anyone~ :) Nonetheless, I always pray that each one of you dear ones will always be under HIS Blessings~ *ameen*  

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