♥ Imperfect Me :) ♥

 I'm NOT perfect & never had any intention to make people
 think that I am because the truth is, I can't & will NEVER be perfect .

 I often fall sick. I fall & trip even on straight smooth floors/roads. But I learn 
from the reasons why I fall, move on & try to not repeat the same mistakes again .

 I long to love & what more to be loved by the people whom 
I care & love. Due to that, I sometimes forget my limits .

 I constantly make mistakes each & everyday but I learn from them. That is how
 I grow to become a better person bit  by  bit  INsha'ALLAH :) 

I am just an ordinary girl who is trying to become her better tomorrow :)

ps: thank you to those whom are always allowing & giving me room to improve, grow & most importantly to correct my constant mistakes~ :)  ♥ Alhamdulillah  

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anna farhana said...

ure sooo pretty!! :)