♥ True Happiness :) ♥

Sometimes while chasing for something that we thought might've been the
Best for us, we found something which is instead a perfect fit for ourselves.

Sometimes, we might've thought that our happiness lies within another person, 
maybe perhaps the person whom we love; our spouse, when the fact is our true 
happiness lies within ourselves & among our own family & also friends~ :)

Sometimes there are more than just 1 right ways of doing things if
we could just open up our mind & try to broden up our perspectives~ :)

Always remember sweethearts that Failure is never the end~
Sometimes, failure is the key to open up the door to success~ :)

All this proves 1 thing & 1 thing ONLY.. ALLAH is
GREAT & ONLY HE knows what's best for us all~ :)


Now that's a simple word which can be defined
by so many ways depending on the person itself.

Some might say that happiness comes from having
PLENTY of MONEY but then again, we have to
always bare in mind, money CAN'T buy HAPPINESS.

If so, then what is happiness..? :)
Being loved..? Achieving a successful career..?

WELL, to be honest with you..
There are no specific meaning of happiness as the
reasons vary from one person to another.

HAPPINESS to me is..
*When No matter how rough the situation might
 look, but yet we're still able to SMILE.

*Despite how the people around us might not care about us, 
we are still happy knowing that ALLAH swt will ALWAYS love us.

*Even though we're tested with many obstacles, however we are still 
at PEACE by always remembering HIM & knowing that HE
remembers us too :)

Hence, what ever your definition of happiness might be, so long as it succeed
in making you happy then insha'ALLAH, you're leading a wonderful life
indeed~ :) Alhamdulillah~

Take Care dear ones~ *huGs*

As'salammualaikum~ :)

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Hamizullani said...

nice to read your posts sis!.btw,i got to know you from youtube! (^_^)