♥ Alhamdulillah..We finally found you :) ♥

As'salammualaikum  Dear Sweethearts~

♥ This post today is nothing much interesting, but Alhamdulillah, I just thought of sharing with all of you dear ones how I am really2 grateful that so far the plans for my wedding preparations are going on smoothly~ Alhamdulillah~ Here's a lil update about my wedding preparations~ :) ♥

During Our Warm meeting with our lovely photographers~ ;)
Picture was taken by the talented Farah Ainaa~ 

First & foremost, here's the list of our~

A place only we know~ *Secret* ;)
Wedding planner: 
Mahligai Creativee
Make up Artist: 
Tia Maquilleuse

I know that this post might not interest many BUT I just couldn't resist myself from expressing how HAPPY I am to have finally found the perfect photographers for my upcoming wedding ceremony~ Alhamdulillah ;)

Picture Taken By the Talented Farah Ainaa~ ;) I don't think I need more reasons WHY I should CHOOSE them~ ;)
There might be some whom might consider photographers to not be an important part of the wedding however, I personally feel the other way around. To me, the photographers role & presence is as crucial as how us brides would wanna find our perfect dress, the right make up artist & the beautiful ring. Yes, finding a talented photographer is as crucial as All that.. why? Because they are the ones that are gonna help us capture our moment & make it last for eternity~

Of course some might say that we can always keep those moments in our memory/mind however, people won't say that 'a Picture holds a thousand story to be told for no reason' huh? ;)

Hence without further delay, lemme introduce to u whom the photographers are:


Alhamdulillah, I am really grateful to be blessed with not only 1 BUT TWO talented photographers ;) & the best part is 1 of 'em is a lady Photographer whom I am very much comfortable & in amp; love with :D As a lady who's gonna be a bride on that day, I personally feel that having a lady photographer might help me in staying calm and most importantly I'd be more comfortable when getting ready especially when my makeup artist is doing my make up on my special days~ :) *Insha'ALLAH* 

To be honest, aside from the quality of pictures that I look for from a photographer, I personally think that it is very important that photographers should have a very warm personality as it really helps to brighten & loosen up the whole ceremony & event. Alhamdulillah. That is indeed something that my fiancé & I have found in these 2 photographers especially Mohd Onald who always love to crack up lots of funny jokes & making people feel so much comfortable with him~ :)

Alhamdulillah, Without having to think much~ My fiancee & I both knew that they are the ones that we have been looking for~ ;)  *Insha'ALLAH*

Till we meet again~  :)
Take Care Sweethearts~

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eintanliana said...

minat jugak tengok farah ainaa punya quality picture.=)