♥ SOOQ Bazaar 2.10.11 ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)

Last Sunday, on the 2nd of October 2011 was a really2 GREAT day indeed~
Why? :)

It was because Alhamdulillah my dearest sweetie pies Bella, Fifi & I
managed to open up a booth at the  SOOQ Bazaar selling mostly our pre-loved
items, clearance sales by the girlsloveshop & giving out good prices for some
other items such as the Satin Hijab from Syria :)

BUT what really2 enlightened me on that day
dear ones, was the Great HUGE beautiful Moral support that we received
from all of our dear friends & a few of our blog readers whom I actually
consider as my dearest sweethearts~ :) *MasyaALLAH* Hence, here's a
Special THANK YOU list to all who came~ :)

♥ My dearest fiancee who stayed to help out till the end :)

♥ My Beautiful Shiera Firhat who still made it despite her busy schedule

♥ My Pretty lady Qyla Ahmad for her initiative to bring the gfs there

♥ My dear sweet Nursha'dah for coming all the way from Bangi

♥ My lovely lady yaya & kerol for shopping & hanging out with us ;)

♥ My gorgeous lady Aainaa Syahirah & Muiz for the time spent

♥ My hot Lady Ain for coming by even though she had opened
 a booth the day before
♥ My dearest Ary for tagging along with aainaa :)
♥ My Cute Sierra for shopping with us ;)

♥ My very beautiful Myra Halim who still drop by even for a while~

♥ My dear sweet lil Nawariah who came by with her lovely parents all the
way from Gombak :)

♥ The Ever so Gorgeous Cice Uyun for the Grand support & for shopping
with us~ :D

♥ The super duper cool Maria Elena who drop by to give us a cheerful start ;)

♥ to those whom I might've over looked
♥ & others whom dropped by to shop with us :)

here's a short video that we made on that specific day especially
for all  of you dear ones who couldn't make it on that day :)

p/s: Truly sorry dear ones that I had to literally shout since a bazaar 
is a bazaar & we all know how noisy the ambiance can be~ ;)
* This is basically a short video of our Sooq bazaar event on the 2.10.11 :) *

My deepest sincere THANK YOU to ALL of you dear ones who 
came to give us your full moral support *u know who u are ;)*

We truly appreciate it & really2 looking forward to seeing you once more~ 
*InsyaALLAH* in the near future~ :)

till then, As'salammualaikum~ :)

Take Care sweethearts~ *huGs*


alang said...

semua santikkk =)

nawariah :) said...

ish ish , maria elena ! huhu bila dia datang , kak bella and kak aimie sangat gorgeous :)

Sanam said...

super lovely blog :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Wawa Tasliman said...

happeninggg.. nak join this event like this lah next time..

Ieka Ahmad said...

Hi kak aimie.
This is my first time visiting your blog and I love your posts :) You look so familiar, are you currently studying at Sunway University?

Laila Majid said...

kak aimie mana nak cari bawal jenis macam akak pakai ni.sume kaler bawal2 akak cantik2!!

love your style :)

IFA Athirah said...

style tudung2 korang sume cntik!!